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Friday, September 15, 2006


Good grief my 3 weeks vacation is flying by, no fair!! It's the end of the second week already, and I'm just now getting started on my drapery project.

So........ here's an older pic of my dining room window and the old drapery hardware that is also on the living room window.......

Geez looking at this am I EVER glad I got rid of that glass table and oak furniture in there. Yikes! Hahaha

Oooh yes, much better....

Oops, sorry I digressed right the hell off the subject! Okay here's that pic again. See the old ugly hardware? You can't tell but it's all stained and old. And I HATE those stupid tie-back holders that stick out from the wall, they were always a pain. Well, today I took all this old stuff down! In this dining room and in the living room as well.

Below, tools of the day:

What ISN'T in this picture obviously are all the screws, but also missing is the nose splint I almost would have needed to get when a rod fell off and hit me in the face. Good thing my schnozzer is big enough it caught the rod instead of my eyes or something. Oh yeah, and my stepladder isn't in this pic.... I need that to get my short arse up there to reach.

Moving right along, after about 3 hours of wrestling with the old stuff..... new brackets are up, and the back rod for the sheers.

Now the rings are on, and the finials on the ends:

And finally, the sheers are up!

Here, the second rod is up in both windows:

This second rod is what's going to hold my new drapery side panels. When I sew them. I have to measure, cut and sew a gazillion stitches.... I'm hoping that won't take more than a few days. I can't wait till it's done.

I spent about 6 hours steady on this project today, and man my aches and pains are screaming at me now. Can you say, "OUCHIE"??

On outside news, it's pouring cats and doggies. We needed the rain and I don't mind one bit, except it's keeping me from more cemetary jaunts. The temperatures are indeed cooler, enough that I had to actually turn on the furnace tonight, which I hate. It costs an arm and a leg to heat a house these days, and I also hate not having fresh air from open windows. Oh well, it's only for part of the year at least and I can't imagine living somewhere where it's summer all year round. UGH!

Okay peeps that's my part of the world for this time, this post is toast! Have a good Friday all, and take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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