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Friday, September 14, 2007


"I'd much rather blog than vaccuum!"
Hippie Chick Jude, Sept.2007

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BlogQuirer: So Jude, Happy 3rd.Blogversary! How long have you been blogging now?
Jude: It's 3 years ago on September 16th. that I began this online life journey.

BQ: And what prompted you to start?
Jude: A few of my online Def Leppard girlfriends started blogs, and I figured why not? Of course, only one of them blogs anymore, and that's only once every few months or so. I must get on her case! The other 2 joined *cough*MySpace*gag*, traitors!

BQ: We've heard about how you got into MySpace and then Facebook. Why?
Jude: Excuse me for a moment. **ptui! ptui!** Those same people got me signing up at StupidSpace and the only reason I stayed was because another friend only blogged on there. She doesn't use it anymore. I should delete the thing eh? And FaceBlech, same thing. That same friend, once she gave up StupidSpace started writing on her wall (crayons maybe?) at FaceBlech so if I wanted to stay in touch I had to join. I never use it either. You don't converse there normally, you "write on walls" for gawd sake! I dislike them both. Blogging is where it's at, man. Blogging is my bag, it's far out.

BQ: What are some of your fondest blogging memories, Jude?
Jude: Well it sure as HELL ain't when Blogger changed over to the "New Freaky Blogger" I tell ya! I mean, wtf was up with THAT anyway?? It worked just fine the way it was. I didn't have to sign in every damn time back then. And posting images was NOT a problem. The people who changed it are all bastitches!

BQ: Uh.....okay, please put that knife down, I don't work in that department. Have you no fond blogging memories?
Jude: Ah yes, a few indeed. Mostly making friends on here, that's the best part. Getting to pry into read all about their lives. And getting to whine on my blog, and make them read about my menopausedness and body part posts. Mua haha.

BQ: Anything else that stands out?
Jude: Sure. I've learned that Blogroll doesn't work worth a fiddler's fart, and to just give up completely with Blogger pics and that Photobucket is my friend. But quit trying to change the subject. **picks up knife** Take me to your leader.

**Producer: "Cut! CUT!!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Disclaimer: To those of you who enjoy MySpace and Facebook, I love you anyway, and I'm there for you! ;-)

Love Jude


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