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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More From St.Joachim's Cemetery

I'm on my last week of vacation, I can't believe how S L O W L Y the time goes when you are waiting a whole year for your vacation, but how QUICKLY it goes when you're ON vacation. ARRGGHH!

Friday I'm going out with my best friend Michele (as I mentioned in a previous post) and we're going to hit a country cemetery or 2 if we can with our cameras.

But for now here are a few more shots I took with sister Pammie a couple of weeks ago in our favourite cemetery here in the heart of the city.

Sometimes the most touching things are the personal effects people place at gravestones, maybe a stuffed animal or a lantern, a flag or rosary beads.

I shot this one last year too, and I'm noticing how this little vest is hanging by threads now. I don't imagine it will last more than one more winter.

There was an opportunity to get a "self portrait" here in the glass so I did so.

The views in this particular cemetery are what I love so much about this place, and of course the fact that this place has some older stones. The trees in here are huge and old, and the branches often provide a large overhead canopy if you wish to sit in the shade on a hot day and just listen to the birds and the breeze in the leaves above you.

This one has been here for quite some time, I love the startling red brick against the backdrop of all the green.

We actually woke this bunny up when we came upon it. He layed and just watched us for a bit and then got up and streeeeetched...... and then sat there letting us get ever so close until we finally decided to leave him in peace and we moved on.

Someone placed a beautiful set of rosary beads on this statue, it was one of those moving "personal touches".

I have got a couple of other things accomplished these last couple of weeks at home too. For work purposes, I went for a Security Clearance at the local police station close to home. I should hear back in a few more weeks, and as I've never been in trouble with the law all should be well.

Also, I had laser "surgery" for the first time ever; I had a mole on the end of my nose removed. It's nice to have it gone but it's 10 days of applying antibiotic ointment and wearing a bandaid over it at night so I can protect it while sleeping. THAT is a pain in the ass! Ever tried wearing a bandaid on the tip of your nose?? Hopefully by the time I go back to work next Tuesday it will need no further fussing and will look okay.

I wish you all a terrific week wherever you may be, take good care of each other!

Love Jude


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