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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


My vacation time at home is half over now, but I've been enjoying some visits from friends and catching naps. It's been relaxing, and I could SO stay home for a living. Hah!

A few days ago we had a sudden (and quick) hail storm. Not enough to damage anything, but it came down fast and furious and knocked some petals off some of our flowers.

It was so loud you could hardly hear yourself think. But within a couple of minutes it turned into rain, which only lasted a short time too.

Let's see what else is new? I walked across the street Sunday morning and took a shot of our house, to compare it with a picture taken by the real estate agent 15 years ago when we bought this house.

The changes hubby has made out there are very evident and I think a huge improvement.

Hubby and I went for a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood's back alleys Sunday afternoon and I decided to grab my camera. Even the day before garbage pick-up, our network of alleys makes for a pretty walk.

Hubby's butt.

At the end of our back alley stroll in the alley across the street from our house, and there's our house:

A short update on the arthritis pain problem. Last I told you, I'd given up on the Glucosamine and bought some Shark Cartilage to try. But then a friend who is a distributor for an exotic fruit juice called Mona Vie convinced me to try it. It's not cheap, but holy smokes it sure makes a difference in a lot of areas. I've been on it now for a few weeks and my energy levels are SO much better. My knees aren't as rickety and I feel better. I was hoping it would also help my arms/shoulder problem but it hasn't. Sooooo..... I started on the Shark Cartilage yesterday and hopefully that will make a difference. If not, back to the doc because this 24/7 pain is starting to get to me. So wish me luck!

I hope you're all having a good week, take good care of each other and God bless.

Love Jude


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