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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Thanks to Rhonda Elizabeth (thanks Rhonda! ) I am listening to a link she put up on her blog to a radio station that has been apparently playing a new Leppy song. So while my computer does overtime with blogs and emails, and even when I'm in another room (with this sound turned up) I can listen and hope that I'll get to hear their new song, "No Matter What". So come on KKPT, let's hear it ~ I've even struck the appropriate "rock chick" pose....... except without the Iroquois haircut, of course, lol. This station is the same as a couple that we have here too ~ classic rock. Great stuff! If you are interested and haven't read Rhonda's blog.....her link is in my sidebar.

So onto other interesting things!!!!! Not much, lol. That's about mostly what I've done today, not a lot really. Well, that's not entirely true. Today was a very very special day for this chick, actually. Over the past while I have become very good friends with my online NooYawk sista Janna, and today we spoke for awhile on the phone, which was just awesome! I have to admit, if Janna and I ever sat down together in person for a chat, I honestly don't think we'd EVER stop talking, lol ! We have a lot in common, including the fact that we both come from exactly the same era. And she is my sister-in-spirit too, as inside we have much the same beliefs and outlooks. Thanks for the chat today my soul-sista!! It was so lovely, and we will do it again.

We had also got to talking online about our homes and decorating styles etc. and I was trying to describe to her just how "stuck in the 80's" my place is, until I can ever afford to change everything out. So I went around and took pictures and sent them all to her, kind of a tour of my home. That took me awhile to get them all up and in an email for her. And I had a LOVELY afternoon nap ~ oh man did I need that! If I slept better every night it wouldn't be so bad I don't think, but as it is I really need these 4 days off in a row, it's a life saver!

Hubby is working overtime tonight so it's a rather quiet existance here, but I am enjoying just doing my own thing anyway. Tomorrow is my laundry day and I really have to get some cleaning done around here too. So it'll be a "Suds, Scrub, Shine and Suck" day. Okay, the "suck" is the vacuum. Just in case any of you are secret pervs. heh heh Or thought that I was. So as I listen to the tunes and hope to hear our Lepps ( they HAVE played Pour Some Sugar On Me) I will be just hangin' and chillin'. Have a great night everyone, and a supa Friday!! Until next time, PEACE to you and yours!

Love Jude

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Last night I had me some really good belly laughs ~ you know, not the kind where you pee yourself, but where you laugh out loud and it just feels so good no matter what's going on in your life at the time. I mentioned in a previous post that I bought 2 new movies at Walmart on the weekend. (okay Debs just BREATHE) lol The one I watched last night was Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason, which is the sequel to the first movie. The first one was too hilarious, and this second one had me in stitches. In my opinion, those 3 actors should do lots of movies together as they just have that....."connection" in comedy that comes across the screen and bites you right in the ass. And in the funny bone. I especially love the parts where the two guys, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant are fighting........ I just about DID pee myself. And of course, Renee Zellweger just does a fabulous job, as always. The other movie that I bought was a Johnny Depp one ~ Finding Neverland. If you haven't seen it, you really must. It will make you smile, make you think, and make you cry. It's beautifully done, and I'm glad I got it. If you like looking at Johnny Depp, you'll get your usual fill of eye candy too, lol. Anyway that's Jude's Movie Reviews.

Holy schmoly I can't understand where the last week has gone... it seems like maybe a few days ago I last posted it was the end of my work-week, and here it is my Wednesday-Friday again! Yesterday was MEGA busy at work ~ a couple of us only got half hour lunches instead of the usual hour, as it was so crazy and we were short staffed to boot. Vickytoria darling if you are reading this ~ get better! **smoochies** For the most part, one or two of the departments can be busy but it's not usual for the entire office to be crazy at the same time. Well, yesterday was the exception to the rule as every department was nuts. And for MY position, that means I go bonkers trying to keep up with them all, because everybody comes to my window for product or for payment/change etc. So needless to say, I had people at my window constantly almost all day long. I love it though ~ the position suits me to a "tee". We'll see what today brings now!

Well chicks and dudes I have to be in a bit early this morning to give one of the staff a little training.....so if I'm going to be on time I had best leave you with a wish for an excellent day, and get my arse going here. So have a great Hump Day all, and until next time ~~ PEACE be yours!

Love Jude

Monday, March 28, 2005


Just got this from my sister Pammie.....and HAD to share it with you!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Have a great Tuesday everyone! PEACE!

Love Jude


Well folks that was the long weekend. It was great, lots of R&R in this household, much needed. And I am grateful I had some good sleeps and a couple of naps ~ especially as hubby the pig-snort snorer kept me from sleeping for awhile last night! ARGH. However, it was a good weekend and I sincerely hope you all had a good one too.

Went for the weekly grocery run on Sunday with sister Pammie, and I bought a couple more interesting items, lol. We made a stop at Walmart for something for Pammie, and while we were there, I got a few things too: a nice little kitchen floor mat for in front of the sink, and 2 DVD's..... the sequel to Bridget Jones' Diary ~ "The Edge of Reason", and "Finding Neverland", with Johnny Depp (drool drool). I've seen a couple of ads for his movie and it looks so good! And when I saw the original Bridget Jones' Diary I howled with laughter, what a great movie! So I had to get the sequel to it. Oh yes, and I also bought a set of 16 drinking glasses for my kitchen for $14 something..... 8 each tall and short. They have a slight green colour to the glass, so now I am able to get the blue ones out of my kitchen, and my new glasses match nicely with my new melamine dishes, lol. I don't think there's anything left now in my kitchen that has the pink and blue 80's thing going on, woo hoo! I'm getting there, at least with the little things. Until I can afford to rip the rose coloured carpet out of my living/dining room, and afford to replace my pink and blue living room and dining room furniture ~~ I'm afraid I'll still be stuck in that decade. Sigh. Maybe I could just board up that end of the house and nobody will notice, lol. "Welcome to my home everybody, let's all go sit on the kitchen floor and visit!"

So it's the beginning of another work week, and as they say, there will be no rest for the wicked. Mondays are usually pretty busy as I've said before, but thankfully too, as the day will go by faster and that means I can get back to bed sooner, lol. OY. The next long weekend (Monday holiday, which I will get off) is the May long weekend (Victoria Day here in Canada) so that's only 9 weeks away. And it's only 4 weeks away until my birthday. Another year older and achey-er! Yippee Yi Oh Cowpattie! Heh heh...... How bad is that when you look for the next long weekend though?? And I only work 3 days a week! **what's that you said Jude? Can't hear ya for the creaking of your bones!**

Even a couple of more changes to my titles in the sidebar..... the weather title makes me laugh every time I look at it ~ I just crack myself up ~~~ well okay so maybe I'm a little bit whacko, lol, but somebody has to be, right? You know, so the rest of you look normal!!

Well peeps I guess I should finish getting ready for work, so I will leave you with a wish for a good day all around, and catch you again here soon. PEACE!! Take care of each other!

Love Jude

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Well okay, change doesn't have to always be fun to be good, sometimes it's hard, even sad or painful. Like the fact that come summer (or thereabouts) our office moves. To me, that means that not only do I have to walk twice as far, but when I get there, I will no longer be doing the job that I absolutely LOVE. Who knows at this point what all I'll even be doing yet. That's probably part of my stress this last almost 3 years ~ it's starting to take it's toll on my body too. ANYWAY. That as just an example of "difficult" change. Now the "fun" change, that's like all the fun tweaking and colour changes etc. to my blog. I'm having a hoot with it. Changed some of the colours in my sidebar, I think the titles stand out more now. Added a horoscope service, because the mystical Madame Gypsy Judles is totally falling down on the job. And yesterday, thanks to Karen (KCfla) and Kate, I now have scrolling lyrics at the bottom of the page. Now THAT is a fun change. I can make them say whatever I want them to say. And I can change them out when I want to. Doesn't take much to entertain me does it? Well that's why I'm such a cheap date, lol .

Not much doing in this household this long weekend, and I think that is a good thing. We are all enjoying just catching up on some R&R. Me for certain, I've had a couple of afternoon naps and backed them up with a couple of good night sleeps too. I just wish that would happen EVERY night. Especially work nights ~~ usually those are the nights I end up falling asleep around 5 a.m., only to have to roll out of bed an hour or so later. Argh. Anyway it has been a lovely relaxing weekend. I am trying to think of something yummy to make for dinner, I'm already getting hungry. Hmmmm I'm thinking maybe a nice meal of couscous with chicken, corn, brocolli and mushrooms mixed in it.....with some teriyaki sauce......YUM. Sister Pammie made that a little while ago and shared a plate with me, and I became a couscous kinda person after that. But seeing as it's only going on 3 p.m. and hubby isn't home yet, I guess I'll wait a bit. **tummy grumbling in rebellion** Has anybody O.D.'d on chocolate bunnies yet? LOL Not me, haven't had a one, don't need to push the chubbiness envelope here!

I sincerely hope all of you are having a safe and pleasant Easter weekend, take care of each other and until next time, PEACE to you and yours!

Love Jude

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Good Thursday everyone! Well I have been asked by a couple of readers now what happened to the mystical Madame Gypsy Judles. No, I have not absconded her witty being and stuffed her under my bed for being so nasty and condescending ~ nor have I sent her packing with a bar of soap in her rude little mouth. She honestly just got 'writer's block' and hasn't been able to conjure up anything new for everyone to read. So in a telepathic conversation with her today, she told me she has decided to ask me to put up a daily horoscope (a normal honest-to-goodness one) in her stead. She has promised, however, that she may now and then throw one of her own in as well, providing the mystical voices in her psyche spew forth some good stuff for the readers! Well Madame G.J., we certainly look forward it, I think? So I have done as she requested and there is a link for you to check your daily horoscope in my sidebar, which she is hosting for you. You can even, apparently, click on an option that will email you a daily horoscope. Well bite my bum, that's kinda cool if you ask me. Anyway I hope you make use of it and enjoy it!

So my hearties, today I have my Terror Twins of the laundry room doing a work-out, and have been running up and down the stairs between doing other odd things around the house. Well okay.......I'm not really running up and down the stairs, I'm afraid those days are over, according to my knees, and I would hurt myself if I did that. Sheeeit, I never used to do stairs without skipping down them. Not anymore Monty! So I am carefully traversing them, if you will. Damn old bones anyway. It jerks my chain how the only thing about me that even "feels" older is my damn body. And I'm not even "old" yet!! OY.

So, hubby and I got sucked in to a T.V. infommercial for the very first time in our lives. Don't ask me why. It seemed wonderful. We bought a Magic Bullet thingy. Two complete 21 piece sets for the price of one! Plus a bonus set of a few things. Uh huh....... I'm not even going to SAY how much it ended up costing us. And the total charge is on my charge card now, but we've only recieved one of the 3 shipments. Don't ask me why they didn't or couldn't send the whole order in one shipment. Will we get the rest of what we've paid for? We can only hope so. Hubby was so mad (you don't want to ever see him mad) and got on the phone to them when we got only one box. They assured him the other two pieces would be coming too. Uh huh.......that was over a week ago. Here's a link so you can see what the product is I'm talking about:
Magic Bullet

I've used it once and it works pretty good, but I think for it to be really worthwhile, you'd have to use it LOTS. Anyway we feel suckered in and we'll never do anything like that again. We ended up paying tons more for it than we thought we would, and there's really nothing we can do about that. Live and learn!

Anybody know where a person can get free blogskin design tutorials? I have such a hankering to learn how to do it!! It would be so nice to design my own, not to mention making some just for fun. I'm enthralled with this HTML biz, and for me it's reminiscent of when I was in high school and learned shorthand. You know, symbols for letters of the alphabet, you can "take a letter" or meeting minutes in a fraction of the time it would take to write it all out. Anyway, waaaay back in time, a good secretary had shorthand. And I actually excelled at it. Passed the class with honours and everything. But I digress......... HTML and shorthand have something in common ~ 'secret' codes that mean real shit. It intriques me. If I was alive during WWII I would have made an excellent message decoder, lol. I want to learn how to design and make blogskins and I don't know where to go (gratis, of course) to do it.

Oh yeah!! Thanks to Tracey, I just watched the Pyrographic DVD she sent me, and I loved it!! I know some of you said you found it kinda boring as it's only the band being interviewed or whatever......but Sav talks lots and OMG I LOVE HIS VOICE! Listening to him talk kinda puts me over the top, lol. And I have to say he looked so fine then. YUM. Thanks so much Trace, you really made me a happy chick!

No plans for me for the Easter long weekend really, just hoping to catch up on some rest and try to be a little refreshed for work again on Monday. No chocolate Easter bunnies for me, my flabby self doesn't need any more jiggling going on, lol. But I do wish you all a great Easter, and hope you have fun! Take care of each other peeps, and until we chat again, PEACE to you!

Love Jude

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


People are starting to figure me out, even if they may not 'consciously' realize it sometimes. Those of you who are brave enough (or silly enough) to read this blog have probably figured out that I have a penchant for sunflowers. They are the "spiritual" flower, yes..... but there's something more to it than that for me. When I see one, or even a picture of one, I always do a double take and look again. There's other things other than the spiritual aspect of the sunflower that appeal to me. They MOVE me. They remind me of sunny dispositions, sunny days, warmth, happiness, and smiles. Oh, and quiet strength. Anyway, today at work a young lady decided to draw me a couple of pictures while she was relieving me for my lunch break. She has no idea of my love for sunflowers, but this is what she drew.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Too funny! Anyway thank you Ashley, when I walked in and saw these, it put a smile on my face!

So what else is new........ well I'm so happy that this was the last day of my work week! I'm so exhausted, as usual. Yesterday I put in an 11 1/2 hr. day (got home at 9 p.m.) and that was after only getting 1 1/2 hrs. sleep the night before. It seems like I don't get any decent sleeps anymore unless I am sleeping alone, which is a shame. This only happens when I have those rejuvinating "catch up" naps during my days off, or during the early hours of the a.m. when hubby gets up at 4:30 a.m. to go to work. Thank God for 4 days off in a row, I don't know what I'd do otherwise...... It was a good week, and today was great, all went well. Until, that is, the very end of the afternoon. This is of course a long weekend, being Easter, and it's also the beginning of Spring Break. We at AMA all know what that means ~~ we sell whack-loads of ski passes and theatre tickets! So about an hour before we close, right at the time I have to start my end-of-the-day accounting, suddenly my cash window has agents at it for tickets after tickets after tickets!! I'm not kidding when I say that there wasn't even 10 seconds between each of them. So needless to say I couldn't begin my other stuff. Eventually, with less than a half hour to go, I put out the request "Someone find Vicky for me and tell her I need help!" Vicky is not only my friend, but she is the one around there who knows how to do everything, lol. So she came in and rescued me, and helped me to get it all finished so my ride wouldn't be waiting for a half hour outside for me. Of course, the minute she got in the cashroom, everyone stopped coming to my window. ARGH. Thanks for your help "Vickytoria" dahling! You rock with a capital "R"!

Oh yes, and today is Debs' birthday! Happy Birthday Debs!! I hope you had a good day today!

Well we got SNOW. And lots of it!! Sister Pammie describes this type of snow perfectly.......it's the consistency of "shortbread cookie dough". Hard as hell to walk in too, I'll tell ya. It's like walking on mounds of loose marbles. Anyway it hadn't stopped snowing for days, and then today it did. The sun came out and made the snow look so gorgeous, like gazillions of little diamonds blinking. So pretty. The Alberta Blue skies are back! Won't take long to melt the shit now, lol.

Well , I think I'm going to call this post "done" peeps, and wish you all a great Thursday ~ take care of each other, and until next time, PEACE be yours!

Love Jude

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I just love some of these Maxine jokes.......well, some of them are stupid too, but there are others of hers that just crack me up. Like these two. Why? Because they're so true!!! LOL A friend of mine sent these to me yesterday and I really wanted to share them with you, LOL.

Okay, down to biz here! Pammie's birthday party went well last night, the food was very tasty if I do say so myself, and the cake is TO DIE FOR. There is still a little bit of both (dinner and cake) left, and Pammie and I just got back from our weekly grocery run, and we'll be polishing off the leftovers in a bit. YUM. Those "crazy" candles I was just asked about, I bought at the grocery store. I love them!

Did any of you notice yet that I changed my blog title (Showers and Sunflowers) colours?? Hmmm?? Just seeing who is paying attention, lol. I just can't seem to get enough of this HTML stuff, and I keep wanting to tweak things on here just cuz I can figure out how to. Now, my dear NooYawk sista Janna has come to the rescue with a template code to get rid of that pesky blogger banner at the top, so that my pretty sunflowers aren't half covered up anymore. I'll be chatting with you soon Janna ~ thanks to both you and Rich for trying to help me with this!

**update: The code that worked for Janna's old skin does NOT seem to work for mine. ARGH. **

Holy schmoly it's WINTER indeed again out there! It's colder (although not as bad as "real" winter can be) and today it was blowing and snowy. Not a real nice time to be out and about (or "oot and aboot" as some of you southerners tease us about saying, lol ) but still you will NEVER hear me complain like I do about the hot weather in the summer. I just can't take the heat without getting sick. So in actual fact, I find this refreshing and rejuvinating.

Since I started this blog, I have always tried to keep the subject matter to things that aren't too controversial or opinionated, if you will. But having made a few online gay friends in blogland, and reading some of their heartfelt pain over some of the prejudices they face on a daily basis, I find it hard not to speak up. So here I go....

It is my FIRM belief that every one of us is born the way God made us to be. He did not make us all exact clones of one another, but rather gave us all differences and uniqueness. He did NOT do this so that we could bash each other for our differences, but to celebrate each other. I believe that we are all spirits in human bodies, here to learn lessons and learn to love one another. He made some of us black, some white; some of us short, some tall; some of us gay, and some of us straight. HE MADE US THAT WAY. Every single person on earth is born with a sexual preference, we don't just "choose" to be either way. For heaven's sake, why would anybody in their right mind just "choose" to be gay when they are persecuted by so many for it?? You know what? There was a backwards period of time when women didn't have the vote either. Or people couldn't share a bus or restaurant or washroom, because their skin colour was black! Well, the world didn't become a horrible place when all that changed. And it won't if we legalize same sex marriage worldwide either.

Which leads me to those who persecute. But for the grace of God, as the saying goes, YOU could be gay. Do you think you just one day decided "oh gay people get shit on, so I think I'll choose to be straight." ?? No of course you didn't, any more than a gay person did. In my humble opinion, love is love. If you love someone and they love you back, and you choose to be faithful to each other and live a life together comitted to each other ~ and you are both good people, what the hell does it matter if you are GAY? Why can't those same people be married legally too?? I DON'T GET IT AND IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY. I tell you what.......I'd much rather live in a neighbourhood surrounded by warm, loving, kind and honest gay couples than in a neighbourhood surrounded by law breaking, drug abusing, dishonest abusive straight people. Now that's just a generalized scenario, but do you understand where I'm coming from? There are good people, and there are bad people, and it doesn't make one iota of a difference if they are gay or straight! It's the "good" people I like to have around me in my life, and if any of them happen to be gay, who the hell cares?? I don't! If anything, it makes me love them even more, for what they have to live with. To good people out there who happen to also be gay ~~ I salute you, your strength and courage and give you my love!

Just one thing in case anybody may think I'm a fanatic. I am not "religious", but I DO have a powerful faith and yes I believe in a Higher Power. Big time.

Thank you for listening. I am finding that I've about had enough of gay bashing, and of human beings who think they are so high and mighty and "better" than a gay person, and think they have the right to say they can be legally married but gays can't. I just can't believe what mankind is still capable of doing to each other. It makes my stomach actually feel sick. Okay I'm done, sort of..... thanks again for listening.

On a much lighter note, my sister Pammie just came upstairs, so I am off to eat leftovers ~~ yummy in my tummy! I wish you all a good Monday tomorrow, and ask once again that we all take care of each other! PEACE to you!

Love Jude

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Okay I'm SUPPOSED to be finishing up cleaning and starting the cooking for the party.....but these damn blog problems were bugging me so bad that I have worked on it for the last hour or so. Because I am so HTML illiterate, I have a "practise blog" that I use to try stuff out first in. I had a plain old ratty looking skin on it, but last night I got the bright idea (D-U-H!) to put THIS skin on my practise blog too, and start checking to see what happened to change mine, in other words, where the differences in template codes were. WELL GUESS WHAT? I found the difference, and changed it!! See?? My links are no longer purple, they are back to the original orangey colour!! (oooh damn I'm so good!) AND....... I don't know if you've noticed the subtle difference or not, but while I was at it, I decided to change the background colour to a slightly less bright yellow too. (this skin actually came with a white background, which I changed earlier on to something sunnier)
Perhaps this slight change will be a little easier on the eyes yet.

Okay I really HAVE to get my butt in gear now peeps, and get going here. I'M JUST SO STOKED!!! LOL Yay me, I did it I did it!! LOL Wheeee!!

I'll try to remember to take a picture of the birthday cake again, before we devour it tonight. (I can't decorate it with candles yet or the cake keeper lid won't fit on it) Have a great Saturday everyone, and I'll catch ya later!

UPDATE: It's late, I've cleaned up and dinner was yummy. Here's the cake: French Vanilla with whipped Cream Cheese frosting!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Love Jude


Friday, March 18, 2005


Get out the mixer, mix the ingredients, pour into cake pans, bake, and poke with a toothpick in the center to see if it's done. And that's what I just did peeps, and the cakes are done and cooling on racks. On the kitchen counter, in front of an open window...... yup, it may be wintery out there again when you look at the snow we just got, but it's melting even as the birds are singing.

Okay! So this birthday party's menu: French Vanilla cake with Whipped Cream Cheese frosting. Hungry yet? And for the actual dinner, I'm going to be making pork chops baked in mushroom sauce with TONS of the good shroomies themselves, can't get enough of THEM, lol. With that, I am making rice, and I'm thinking of cooking the rice in apple juice instead of water, and maybe adding some diced up baby carrots to it.....whaddya think? Perhaps some corn on the side too. Drooling yet?? I AM. And I can't make it and eat it until tomorrow, when sister Pammie's birthday party is. She's gonna be ___2 years old!!! The young little whippersnapper that she is....... notice I left the blank to be filled in, as it's not nice to reveal a lady's age, right? Although for me that doesn't show up in my codes of etiquette, I don't give a flying frig who knows my age (52 52 52 !!!) but NOBODY GETS TO KNOW MY WEIGHT!! LOL

Yes, I am LOVING this weather. Not too cold out, nice and refreshing for this mentalpausal and totally hotflashing chick, and not sweltering summer heat. Can't beat it as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, I like the green of spring and summer, and I ADORE the autumn colours. But winter snow has it's beauty too, as long as one isn't snowed completely in or having to do the granny crawl on ice. Autumn is my favourite time of year, and spring is my second. Summer USED to be ~~~ until I hit the Big M. age of hotflashes.

Okay so really in fact I am procrastinating again. I should be scrubbing floors and vacumming, which I will do. But hell, I just baked a cake! That takes energy you know! So I am sitting down to a lovely cup of coffee and a ciggie (hack hack) to visit with y'all instead. I'll get rejuvinated here shortly....... in the meantime, I think maybe a rousing game of computer solitaire might help. I keep telling you, it doesn't take much to entertain me. So off I go, and I'll wish you all a fabulous Friday! Take care of each other, and like the great song said, "Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now......" PEACE!!

Love Jude

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Okay this is just TOO weird. It was all dried up, I was walking to and from work in my shoes and spring jacket. This was just the day before yesterday. Now, it looks like December out there again! I'm not complaining as I rather prefer this to the summer heat, but it's just weird, you know? Tres weird!!

My computer class yesterday was great! I learned how to do more stuff, not that I may use most of it, at least not for some time (until we move and I work out front) so there isn't a snowball's chance in hell I'll remember any of it, BUT~~~~ I now have, from the class, my very own binder with all the "how-to's" in it for reference, so that is good.

HAPPY ST. PADDY'S DAY EVERYONE!! If you're not wearing green, go home and get out those green ginchies at least, lol. Nah.....I'm not Irish and I don't normally purposely wear green on this date either, but if I think about it, I'll try to find something sometimes. I wore a green blouse to work on Tuesday and one of the gals said I should have waited until today.....but I'm not AT WORK today, so there! LOL

Holy crap I haven't done this in ages........last night I was so tired, I shut my computer down around 9:30 and went to bed not long after. On the eve of my first day off!! I never do that! But I just couldn't sit up anymore. It doesn't help that I just had 3 nights in a row of around 3 hours sleep each. UGH. Yep, the pig-snort snoring of hubby again, bless his nostrils........ Oh well, at least I did much better last night!

So today and tomorrow ~~ the forecast is laundry and moocho housework, as I am hosting sister Pammie's birthday party on Saturday ~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM YESTERDAY PAMMIE!! She's a whole lot younger than I am, she's my baby sister. But as I keep telling her, we hang around together so much I think some of my mentalpausedness and old agedness is rubbing off on her! LOL Anyway I have lots to do and you'd think I'd get my arse off this computer and get started, wouldn't you? NAH!! I'd much rather visit with you guys for the moment, whilst I partake of my morning cup of deelish coffee! Yum!! Then I'll get my laundry on the go, I guess. My new Terror Twins of the Laundry World await me down there.........

Don't know what's up (or "down", for that matter) with Blogger ~~ I still haven't heard back from them. I keep reading in different blogs how people are having blog problems lately. I'm still not entirely crazy about all my purple links on here. Somehow it just doesn't "suit" my theme, ya know? And I still have an issue with publishing anything, post entries or changes to my sidebar. I hit publish and it still wants to stay stuck at 0%.....although it DOES post. Just plain weird, if you ask me. LET'S GET ON IT, BLOGGER! Thanks!

Not much else to chat about, so I guess this means I have to get to my housework now. Sheeeit. And I don't feel like it yet. Can you say "l-a-z-y"??? I wish you all the best Thursday, and we'll chat again soon. Take care of each other ~~PEACE!~~

Love Jude

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Well you'd think Christmas was coming again when you look out my window, peeps! Walking to and from work yesterday I was wearing little shoes and treading on dry pavement, the birds singing all around me. And this morning, it's back to the snow boots again! Like we always say in Alberta...... if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute! Especially in March, the month of "what-season-am-I?" LOL I am definitely NOT complaining ~~ this weather has been perfect for this chick. Not too cold, and most importantly of all.....NOT TOO FRIGGIN' HOT!!!

So, as I don my winter gear and head out the door this morning, I shall be on my way not to my office, but to across the city (what seems like halfway across the province) to our Contact Center, where for one thing, all our training classes take place. Four of us from our office are spending the day in a computer course (for our particular system) to learn how to do a little more than we do now. In my position, I only have to know the basics, and that's all I've used. So it will be nice to be a little more proficient in it if I should ever need to be, once we move this summer and I am possibly doing different things than I am now. So today I'll be spending the entire day in front of a computer which is something different for me. I'm usually on and off it through the day. Anyway I'm looking forward to it.

Regarding my post yesterday about bitchy, impatient people: the full moon isn't until next Friday, Good Friday, but you'd think it was happening this week. Yesterday at work there were more cranky customers in every department in our office. We all just kept shaking our heads. Maybe there's some weird planetary alignment going on or something........the Mystical Madame Gypsy Judles probably knows about it, but she's been in hiding since her writing block. Well the really nice thing about it is that today the four of us will be in a class, and not having to deal with those crabby people. Kind of a nice way for me to end my work week this week, non?? Oui, oui!!

And that, my fellow beautiful spirits, ends this post on a positive note ~ and I wish you all a great Hump Day. Take care of each other, and until next time, PEACE be yours!

Love Jude

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Good Tuesday morning everyone! I'm just getting ready to go into the salt mines again for the day, but seeing as I haven't posted much the last couple of days, I thought I'd at least let you know I'm still alive and warm.

Yesterday was another typically busy Monday at work.... but a good day nonetheless. What is it with some people in line-ups? You all probably know how busy Motor Vehicles departments can get at times, in the States do you call it DMV?? Here it's MVD, LOL. Anyway, of course we have a MVD in our office too, and it's busy lots of times. So we have all of our MVD staff up at their counter and they take person after person after person. There are times when they can't even take a full break, let alone get to the bathroom. People in the line-up see that, they watch them working their asses off. So why is it that some of them choose to be blind, and bitch and complain that our staff aren't working fast enough, or that they are in line "too long"?? Good grief !! It's not like we only have one or two staff up at the counter...... all stations are manned and working hard. I just shake my head at some people's bitchiness. I get the same kind of people on the phone too, they want service, they want it NOW, and they aren't the least bit friendly about it. Sometimes I do my utmost damndest on the phone or in person, to do everything I can to make these people smile before they leave, or at least calm down to the point that they are apologetic. It's a challenge for me. Bitchy, demanding people who are bitchy to others. To me they're like insects ~~~ do we really NEED to have them in our world? LOL

Well now I've "bitched" at you and I feel better. Hope it didn't hurt too much, LOL. We all just need to try to be more patient, understanding, compassionate, and FRIENDLY to each other. If everyone had all those qualities at least most of the time, wouldn't this world be a better place to live in? KEEP THE FAITH PEOPLE!! Maybe one day huh?

Well I'm off and running. Okay walking. I'd hurt myself if I tried running these days, I'm so stiff and sore. These bones are gettin' older, don'tcha know. Today's challenge: smile at a stranger, for no apparent reason other than you recognize them to be the exact same as you ~~ a beautiful spirit walking around in a human body.....for the time being. Take care of each other, and have a fabulous Tuesday! PEACE!

Love Jude

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Well I figured out how to fix the "bold" problem, so that's gone now (it's bold this time on purpose), but I still don't know what happened to make some of my links and things purple! I'm still waiting to hear back from blogger on that one. Okay ladies, you have said that it's easier to read in bold, well I've tried all the bold ones (that already come bold, or "black") and I'm sorry but they really suck! So all I can do is "make" these bold each time using HTML tags, and sticking with this new font style. Personally I think it looks like shit on a stick, LOL, but if it's easier to read for people then I should definitely try it for a bit. Anyway, I hope this works okay!

Did the grocery run today, and managed to also spend most of my Walmart gift card from Christmas that hubby gave me. I bought 3 new nightgowns. Tomorrow is back to work for a lot of us, and I hope everyone has a decent Monday! The mystical Madame Gypsy Judles is off tonight with writer's block, I think she's run out of nasty things to say, LOL. Maybe we'll see her back again real soon ~~ in the meantime, take care of each other, and PEACE be yours!

Love Jude

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Okay so I give up. I have searched and studied my template and cannot see where all of these unwanted "changes" have happened. Today I finally emailed blogger and listed all the stuff that's gone kaflooey on mine and asked if they can help. I hope so, I really hate my entries being in bold, and I don't think that the purple links exactly "go" with my yellow/green sunflower theme. I can tell you this ~~ it was nothing that I did. It just "happened" like magic. Well it was the wicked witch from the north, not Wendy the Good Little Witch, lol. Is anyone else having blogger problems too? Even my "Posting" page is all wonky ~~ and every time I try to publish, it just stays "stuck" at 0%.... although it does publish. Weird. So who's been zapping my blog with negative oogabooga???

**update: apparently it is back to normal?? At least this post looks like it is!**

I'm just waiting for my yummy dinner to cook. I made some of my world famous "smashed spuds", with sour cream and dill, and corn, and I am just waiting for my chicken to finish cooking in the oven. It's lazy man's cooking ~~ it's one of those frozen chicken breasts with ham and swiss cheese inside. DROOL !

*** Okay........... I'm back, with my dinner. But remember how I once said that if you can't laugh at yourself.....etc. etc.?? Well let me set the scene for you. I had served up everything and was just waiting for the chicken to finish cooking in the oven. I turned on the water in the sink to start soaking a few things, and put lids on pots to keep stuff warm while waiting. I then come back into the den to grab a cigarette and wow, there's an interesting movie on, so I watch it for a couple minutes, and then head back out to the kitchen to get my chicken out of the oven. So far, so good, right? Hah! I turn the corner into the kitchen and step in a bunch of soapy water ~ I left the tap on!!! The sink is overflowing all over the floor, and I all I can say as I run for towels is "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God...." Like it's His fault, or like He can help my stupidity. So I start throwing towels randomly all over to start soaking it up and most importantly to prevent it from spreading into other rooms ~ and YES I did turn the tap off when I first saw it overflowing, LOL. So I'm frantically throwing towels, and the phone rings, and I JUST KNOW who it is, pick it up and yes, it's Pammie downstairs, "um... there's water leaking down here....." and I'm just "yeah, I got it!!" and hang up. You may be wondering where was hubby in all this. Well, he was silly enough to leave a mentalpausal woman alone in the kitchen while he went outside to work on the truck. Actually, if I had STAYED alone in the kitchen, there wouldn't have been a flood. But NUH-UH......I had to leave the room and tempt the fates. Sigh.

Well my dinner is delicious!! (thankew, thankew verah much) Now I had better finish it and go clean everything up. The towels are all soaked and I will have to run them down to the laundry. No, on second thought the water was leaking down from my kitchen sink directly behind the washer and dryer, so the plug might be wet. Perhaps I'll not try killing anybody and just wait and do the towels tomorrow, and just throw them in the bathtub for the night.

I've had a persistant headache all day, and now it's really bad. Could be all the excitement. It certainly wasn't my cooking. So I am off to clean up, and the mysterious Madame G.J. is on ~~ I hope she's gentle about us Taurus' tonight. Take care of each other and have a great Sunday ~~ PEACE!

Love Jude

"With the moon rising over Mars tonight, Aquarians will find most other signs stimulating to be around. Just stay away from those Taurus' though, they are dangerous to be around right now, even if you are a water sign. Scorpios are feeling challenged lately in the financial department, but you make up for it in the bedroom. If you can't make money then make love, is your life's motto. All signs should beware of leaving babies and menopausal women alone in bathtubs. People born on this date are all into nipple piercing."

Friday, March 11, 2005


Well it certainly FEELS like I robbed a store!! Would you believe (okay, now I sound like Maxwell Smart, anyone remember him?? LOL) .... would you believe that I just came home with a $325 winter parka for $60 ?? I DID SO!!! Holy crappers I couldn't believe it, but I found the deal of the day, just as if somebody "up there" was watching out for me or something! I also got myself 3 new blouses, which I desperately needed, and some undies (silky black if anybody cares, lol) and another couple of tops. Also I finished shopping for sister Pammie's birthday presents, I'm having her party here on Saturday. Can't tell ya what I got her cuz she's nosier than hell and reads this blog, LOL
Anyway I did very well today, and I managed to stuff everything, big ol' fluffy parka included, into one big bag ~ so I managed to take the bus home too, instead of having to pay for a cab. Yay me!

It has been another warm spring-like day today, although when I left the mall and was walking the distance out to the buses, the wind was so fierce it almost blew me over a couple of times. Still warm, but blustery as hell. We are supposed to get either snow or rain in the next day or two, so the temps are going to be falling a bit! March is just "that" kind of month.......you never know what the hell you're going to get, so just wait a minute, LOL.

I'm adding a new link today to Xavier's livejournal, it's some pretty good reading! I really like his spiritual messages and enjoy his posts. So welcome Xavier! And Lisa, and Michael, and Sandy, and Brechi, and Suzi, and Rich........anybody I left out that I haven't officially welcomed, SORRY 'BOUT THAT BUT I HAVE NO MEMORY! Remember??

Well peeps that's about it for this chick today, I'll wish you all a wonderful weekend and catch you later. PEACE!

Love Jude

**Update!! I don't know what just happened to my blog, but suddenly I have some purple links and it's all in BOLD!! ACK! **

"There is a major shift in the stars coming up during the next week. The Bear and The Big Dipper will be merging sun signs, and it will become known as "Teddy's Big Ladle". Sagittarians should watch out for tooth decay and family spats. If your sign is in the cusp of the sun, especially Leos, you could get shot or stabbed by your co-workers in the next day or two. To minimize the chances of this happening, don't look at the stars on Sunday at 4:29 a.m. All signs should keep from kissing those Sagittarians with the smelly rotten teeth breath. People with birthdays this coming week are all short, psychic, and running from the law. (Small mediums at large)"