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Thursday, June 28, 2007


July 1st. is Canada's birthday, so to all my Canadian friends and family ~~ Happy Canada Day!

For any of you who are planning a Red and White party, stay safe and have a great time. Get out the sparklers, the red and white balloons and the Canada Flag cake, BBQ those burgers and hot dogs and have plenty of ice on hand for those tall cool ones!

And have FUN!

And now, turn up your sound because I've made a special little "picture show" in honour of Canada's birthday, it's a little tour of this beautiful country from the Atlantic to the Pacific shores, just like the images in the banner at the top of this page. It's only a couple of minutes long but I hope you will enjoy it!


Take good care of each other, and have a good weekend.


Love Jude

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Or, "IBC".

Ever heard of it? I hadn't, and apparently I'm not alone.

Even if you are a male, you know someone who is a female: mother, sister, wife, aunt, grandmother, friend. Please read this so you are informed. And if you would be willing, please post this link on your blog/site/Myspace/Facebook, whatever and help inform others.


Thank you,


Monday, June 25, 2007


All things red this post, or versions of red.

I'm "seeing red" because I have to go back to work today, after a week off at home. I tell you, I sure wouldn't have ANY problems staying home for a living. Especially after only getting 2 hours sleep last night. *sigh*

This firey red stands out in the garden:

Okay this is "sorta" red, it's a pinkish red brick. These are all the bricks from our old sidewalk; hubby has them stacked up on the back driveway:

One of our side gate locks is broken, and this is there to help hold the gate open when we need to do so:

Yeah I know, this is more pink than red, but isn't pink in the same family?

Our Schubert Cherry tree's leaves are almost all burgundy-red now:


At any rate, I've been working on a special project which I will have finished in the next few days to post. I bought this a week ago, it may give you a hint.

I hope I survive the day to completion at work, I'm so tired. And of course NOW I could sleep till the cows come home. *rolls eyes* And I hope you all have a great week. Take good care of each other!

Love Jude

Thursday, June 21, 2007


The beginnings, only because as summer wears on the plantings will fill out the beds so much more. But as it is now, we have all the plants and flowers in. Grow my lovlies, grow!

Remember this from early spring? Snow mold on the lawn.

Much different today!

We got some "Mini Roses" this year. Red, pink, yellow and a variegated yellow/red.

This one's my favourite:

There's quite a variety of colour and texture and we tried to keep it in an "unordered order". Bushes, shrubs, perennials and the rest filled in with annuals.

What was a nice little surprise was finding these Dwarf Lavender plants. I love 'em.

Here you can see both of the "main" beds. They are completely different in shape and plantings.

African Daisy:

This year I begged for Lilacs. I love them, and the scent of them. I got 3 Dwarf Lilacs. Two (purple and blush white) were planted out back, and this little pink one is out front. It will only grow about 3 feet tall.

In addition to the existing Snow In Summer and red Dianthus, we added some more Japanese Blood Grass and some Geraniums.

We stayed up until 11 p.m. getting all the annuals in on a Friday night. And I took these shots the next morning, on Saturday. A couple of hours later we got a nice thunder storm and hard rain (which was great for the plants) but with it came about 5 minutes of hail. We were lucky as I don't see that we've lost anything. We've had about 3 MORE thunderstorms since!

Me week vacation at home is of course going waaaay too quickly, it's already Thursday! I hope you're all having a good week, take good care of each other.

Love Jude

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I've tried 2 different ways to do a post with some pictures and the same ol' thing is happening again. The entire blog body (minus the sidebar) disappears.

I'm going to shop for a new template and see if that helps.


Catch you all soon!


Thursday, June 14, 2007


Off we went this morning, hubby and I both on vacation days off now, to the Millcreek Nursery.

First up, a video. You can see it HERE.

1. Awaiting planting.


It is now 11 p.m. and it's dark out. Hubby is still out there planting. *sigh* (sorry Pammie)

I must say that what he's done so far looks really nice. He asked me to come out earlier and help decide where to place things. We've still got a lot of bare spots to fill in, which we'll do with some less expensive items from other stores that we'll hit soon.

But this stuff was worth the bigger bucks:

3. Lillies.


He rented a tiller today and got the gardens ready. Boy that would be a lot of hard toiling by hand like people used to have to do before gas powered garden tools came about!


And I finally got some lilacs! Yay! The last time I ever had a lilac where I lived was waaaaay back when I was a kid living on the base in Ottawa. I was 13 when we moved from there out here to Alberta. There was a huge mauve lilac bush right under my bedroom window and it smelled so good in bed at night in the spring/early summer.

6. Pink

7. Purple

8. Blush White

The existing plants are filling out even more since the last pics I posted here. Not having flower gardens before, last year when we bought this stuff we were only guessing at what would be hardy and what would die after the winter. A few of the perennials didn't come back at all but a lot of what we got made it and is doing well.

9. View to the street.

10. More existing stuff.

In the next few days I'll get some pictures of the finished beds out there! Tomorrow is laundry day but my washer broke again. Sister Pammie and I may be heading to a laundromat tomorrow evening. *double sigh* This will be the 3rd. time a repairman will be coming out to try and fix this problem. I'll call them in the morning and hopefully they can get out here in a couple or few days. Wish us luck!

Have a good night all! Take care of each other and I'll catch you soon.

Love Jude

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today was my last day of work for the week, and I'm on vacation at home next week. Yay!

Tonight after work we had a staff meeting, so I didn't get home until just after 9 p.m. When I was on the way home I kept looking at the dramatics going on overhead in some beautiful cloudwork and was itching to get my camera in my hands the minute I got in the door. When I hit the kitchen, I put my purse down, grabbed my camera and headed out back.

It's so difficult to capture in a picture what a scene truly looks like in person. The sheer SIZE of the drama overhead simply cannot be conveyed here.

We're talking some very tall clouds here.

I haven't touched these images in the least, except to resize them. I particularly liked the way the sun's rays were pointing upward this time, as normally I see them shooting down or across.

So yes, I'm looking forward to a week at home, during which time I'll catch up on some things around the house. Hubby has been off this past week at home too, and has the next 2 weeks off as well. He's been busy working around outside, so far beginning to get our flower beds out front in shape. He's moved a few plants around and made space for us to plant some new things. We're going to shope for that in the next couple of days. (I'll get some pictures up soon)

Another thing I'm looking forward to catching up on this next several days is SLEEP. LOL I'll try to have the odd afternoon nap and sleep in in the mornings. Boy it's pretty bad when THAT'S what I look forward to the most on my time off, but that's the way of it for me the last few years!

Still waiting to hear from TRUCKER BOB since he posted a quick hello last Saturday morning. Last he posted was "hi it's been a good week I'm going to find an RV park and post more"....... I hope we hear from him soon, I'm a worry wort at the best of times!

Well I think I'm going to call it a night, it's already late. I hope you all have a good week, and I'll catch up with you over the next day or so.

Take good care of each other, and good night!

Love Jude