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Sunday, November 29, 2009


This month's photo contest over at Stardom Awaits! has the theme of "Glass". If you'd like to participate in the voting process, please head on over there to do so. The voting will be open for approximately 2 weeks, and then the winner(s) will be announced.

Here are a few shots of mine that didn't make the cut. Some of you think it's hard to vote, well it's equally hard for us to choose which shots to enter sometimes too, LOL!





Good luck to all the entrants, and may the best photo(s) win!


Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'd like to wish my U.S. friends all a very Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the food, enjoy family and friends, and stay safe!


Love Jude

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Congrats to the winners! The 3 tied "runnerup" shots were only ONE vote off the winning shot. Great job to all the entrants, there were some awesome shots.

Great photos from all of our entrants over at Stardom Awaits!, there were some beautiful shots and a lot of thought put into them.

Thank you to the voters who participated again, we can't do this without you.

Next up at the end of this month, the theme will be "GLASS". Hey, I'm already working on photos for that one!

Sunday, November 08, 2009


Every year at this time I can't help but remember how growing up in the military this day was a very important one, in our schools we were all outfitted with our poppies to pin on our shirts and we were taught about the sacrifices made by families just like ours in generations past. In my generation, there were so many fathers who served in WWII either on our own shores or "over there". My own father had been in the military for 2 years by August 1945 and was only just about to turn 19 when that war ended, so he never made it over there. Thankfully. If he had, he may never have come back and I and my sisters may not even be.


It isn't only on November 11th. that I think about our military personnel past and present, I think it's a little in your blood when you're a military brat. But each year I wear my poppy and say my silent thank you's to those who sacrificed so much so long ago, and to those who still do today. And it isn't just for the soldiers, but also for their families. We've so much to be thankful for; to be indebted for.

Today's generation isn't any different in that respect, with so many of their fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, sisters and brothers all over in the Middle East. World Peace is a mantra for me, but as we still do not have that particular miracle yet, in the meantime I salute and support those who fight to protect our freedom, and protect us.


Past, present and future..... thank you, we will never forget.


And a last reminder that voting for the "Faith" Photo Contest will be over at the end of this week, so if you haven't already and would like to participate, please head over to Stardom Awaits!. Thanks!

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Lady ("LadyBugs") March 10, 1992 - October 31, 2009

It has been a very rough time in our house since Halloween morning when we lost my sister Pam's precious baby girl LadyBugs. She would have been 18 years old this coming March so she blessed us with her love and kisses for a very long time. So long, in fact, that it is even harder not having her sweet little presence here with us.

Bugs was starting to lose a lot of her sight in recent times, her hearing was also starting to diminish and she was unable to jump up on the sofa or bed anymore but she was a happy little girl just being around us. Pam is having a hard time adjusting to this loss, Bugs has always had a very special connection with her; indeed I also had a very similar kind of connection with Bugs. There's just something so unique about her, she wasn't just a pet. She was a little spiritual companion and friend, and such an old soul.

Late Friday night she started to feel sick, and through the night she was vomiting often and had 4 arrhythmia episodes. This is where the heart stops briefly and the dog goes unconscious for a few moments. Bugs had been on heart medication for the last few years for this. By morning she was so weak she couldn't stand or sit, the poor baby. I went with Pam to the vets, and once we got there she was still vomiting but by now so weak her eyes were closed. We just gave her lots of love while the vet helped her to "go Home". God it was SO sad! Thankfully we can feel her energy with us already and we know she's still around us.

Our Mom passed away 6 years ago, and she was much loved by both Lady and Misty. "Grandma" coming was always the source of much tail wagging and excitement for them. Just before she was put to sleep Pam told Lady to "go be with Grandma", and we know she did. I asked the vet for some scissors, and Pam and I now each have a lock of her hair. We picked up her ashes last night and we'll have them here too, along with our Mom's.

Her "sister" Misty is missing her as well, although she seems to be doing fairly well. Misty is 12 years old and has never been without Bugs so I can imagine it's quite an adjustment for her too. It is comforting to have Misty here with us though, and her puppy-like ways make us laugh.

To them both I am "Auntie", as they have both grown up with me living in the same house. I've always called them both "Auntie's little angels", even when they got in trouble for being naughty, which isn't really often. Certainly they have both been the lights of my life.

Buggies, Auntie loves you so much and I will forever miss your many kisses. You've left a very empty void in our home but we will never, ever stop loving you. Rest in peace now, baby Bugs.....