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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Over at Stardom Awaits! this month's photo contest theme is "MACRO" (or, "close up"). If you would like to help us out by voting anonymously, please head on over and vote for your ONE favourite shot. Thanks! The winner(s) will be announced in approximately 2 weeks when the voting is shut down, and the names of the photographers will be shown beside each entry. Good luck to our entrants! PEACE! Love Jude

Thursday, September 13, 2012


That's how long ago I started up this blog,    not that it is used near as much today.     Everyone who reads this are all on Facebook and it often seems pointless to post about the same things both here and over there. However,    I am reluctant to stop blogging altogether so I decided this is a good time to post something here.  :-)

So!    I am halfway through my 3 week vacation at home,    and I'm loving it.     Except for the fact that I have finally succumbed to a nasty head cold that has been going around like wildfire,    my time away from work has been both productive and enjoyable.

During the first week, I worked on my "big" project, which was re-doing my bathroom. It's been 10 years and needed freshening up.
I rather like the aquas, blues and greens as it is very calming to walk into.     When I first re-did my bathroom 10 years ago I was 50 years old.     This time,  at 60,   climbing up to paint the tops of walls that I can barely reach without falling off a ladder (I have a height thing) I was thinking that if I do this again in ANOTHER 10 years........ well I just can't picture myself doing this again at 70.      I think I'd hire someone just to paint the walls,  LOL.

I have several small wood pieces that are used for storage in here, 3 apple crates, a bookcase, and a couple of small counter top storage items. All of these I re-painted as well, to match the colour scheme.
The "old" bathroom look was fun, red, blue, green and yellow. But the 10 year old towels were getting thin and I couldn't find the same colours.      So I decided an entirely new, more grown-up look was in order.    I like it!

And yesterday my photographer buddy (sister Pammie) and I FINALLY got out with our cameras.    We went to a peaceful little cemetery just a few minutes drive from our house.

It was the most perfect day for it.     Neither Pam or myself can hack hot weather,   and after the scorching summer we had this was bliss to be out in.      The sun was shining,   the temperature was NOT hot, and there was a breeze.      

It was a lovely couple of hours spent wandering and snapping photos of pretty little things left at gravestones,     and of the beautiful treed vistas.

There were just a few trees here and there that were showing the very start of autumn colours beginning, but mostly everything around the city is still green. Very late for autumn colours to start showing here!

We only got through a very small area so we can go back again and again when the need for peaceful surroundings hits us.     That's nice.  :-)

While we were there,    a small funeral procession came in,    led by a hearse and then a piper.     We moved off to a discreet distance and then listened as he played Amazing Grace on his bagpipes.     That always reminds me of our Dad's funeral 36 years ago,    and makes me a bit misty-eyed.      It was so beautiful.

Pretty well treed cemeteries are our favourite place to walk around in,     there is so much peace.     We always pay our silent respects when we go in,    and as we leave.

Each September while on vacation we have a "photo date" with a young friend I work with,  Shilo.     We have had lovely weather,     but there have been 2 separate days where it was cloudy,  rainy and windy.     Twice now we've had to cancel our outings with her because those were 2 days Shilo could get together with us,    and then weather barred us from going both times.      We have one more chance next week when she's on a day off,    and so far the weather forecast looks good!

Last year we started an annual outing that we call "DAMS" day.    (daughter, aunty, mom, sister)    Pam and myself,     another sister Brenda,   and her daughter (our only niece who is now 15) all go out for brunch and then browsing around little shops.       That was supposed to be this coming Saturday,    but Brenda caught this evil cold,     now our niece Ceara has it,     and I have just got it.      So we've had to cancel,    nobody is feeling very well and we don't want to pass this on to Pammie either.       We'll just have to pick another time,    and enjoy ourselves when we're all feeling better.    :-)

Other than a couple of birthday get-togethers (one being an afternoon with my best friend Michele) I don't have much more planned for my vacation.     Just some rest,    relaxation and feeling better before I have to head back to work.

This coming Saturday is the official First Day Of Autumn,     welcome to my favourite season!  

Love Jude

Saturday, September 01, 2012


Over at Stardom Awaits! this month's photo contest is "Sunsets/Sunrises". If you would like to help us out by participating in the voting please head on over and vote for your ONE favourite photo. Thanks! In approximately 2 weeks the winner(s) will be announced, and at that time the names of the photographers will be placed beside each of the photos in the original contest post. Good luck to all of the entrants!

 Love Jude