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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Over at Stardom Awaits! this month's photo contest theme is "Black & White / Sepia". Welcome to our Guest Photographer this month, Graham! If you would like to participate in the voting (please do, we need voters) please head on over there and vote for your ONE favourite photo.

The voting is anonymous, and is open for approximately 2 weeks. When the winners are announced the photographers names will be placed beside each of the contest entries to that you can see "who shot what".

Enjoy the photography! Good luck to all of our entrants!

PEACE! Love Jude

Saturday, July 13, 2013


 photo glasswinners_zpsbed766d8.jpg

Over at Stardom Awaits! the winners for the "Glass" theme photo contest have been announced, and it is a TIE! Congrats to Twug and Cyber!

Thanks to our voters, can't be done without YOU!

You can now head to the original contest post to view the photographers names beside all of the entries.

At the end of July, the next contest will be "Black & White / Sepia", so stay tuned!

PEACE! Love Jude