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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Hi all ~~ been a busy week and I'm pooped already ~ working an extra day again this week, on Friday, so Thursday is going to be one nasty busy day. I need rest! I need sleep!! Anyhoo I haven't been posting as much just from being tired and busy, but I ain't gone! Leppy tickets went on internet presale today for Edmonton and I've spent the better part of the day online.... but so far all that comes up are center seats which are the furthest from the stage, or floor seats, which I can't do. We want left (Sav and Viv's side of the stage) and slightly forward of that. I keep praying!! For the first time ever, this Leppy concert won't be just me and sister Pammie either. We're taking our sister Brenda and my boss and friend, who likes the Lepps too but hasn't seen them since their heydays. Woo Hoo! We'll have a hoot! Patty from Calgary and Rhonda Elizabeth from the U.S. are going to be there too, and hopefully I can at least meet up with them somehow in the crowds and give hugs.

Lots of stress in my life right now, nothing horrible, just stressful..... however I'm hoping that I can stay on top of it and not get any more wiped out than I already am. In the meantime I've got that hot date in August to look forward to with our guys, and that's got a grin on my face a mile wide already, lol.

Take care of yourselves and each other, and PEACE be yours! I'll post something hopefully more interesting soon, lol.

Love Jude

Sunday, May 29, 2005


No, I don't mean that I can yell, scream, talk or sing either......I mean sister Pammie fixed my sound problem on my computer last night! I really don't know what I'd do without her ~ thanks once again Pammie!! ***smoochies!!** So now that they've posted a link on the Official Site to listen to the Rockline radio show with Def Leppard, I am SO THERE.

Just a quick post today peeps, getting ready to head out for the grocery run today. I have come to know that a lot of you, like this household, has pets and adores them. Sister Pammie found a site for people to show off their pets, and she put up 2 pages, one for each of her doggies, Lady and Misty. It is the COOLEST site. So if any of you dog or cat owners are as smitten by your pets as we are, you must check these out. For your doggies, it's www.dogster.com .......and for cats, it's www.catster.com What a great idea!! And OMG some of the sweet pictures, lol.

Well this chick is outta here, I must go do something with myself. Can't be going out with this bed hair and without a touch of warpaint on this wan face, lol. Have an excellent Sunday everyone, and until next time, PEACE!!

Love Jude Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Friday, May 27, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.comWell peeps it's been one busy day, as I didn't have the day before off as I normally would. Got lots done, laundry and some clean up and phone calls I had to make, etc. Plus we had someone over this afternoon too. Tomorrow is going to be somewhat of a sad day....... my very good friend Mae is moving out to B.C. permanently this weekend, and she's coming over to say goodbye to me tomorrow. She was my maid of honour when I remarried 8 years ago, and she saw me through the absolute WORST of my becoming a new widow and grieving before. I've always called her my "Earth Angel" cuz that's what she is to me.

VICKYTORIA ARE YOU READING THIS?? lol Okay darling, I changed my font to a much darker green and the background to an even subtler shade of soft yellow. Does that help? I don't want to compromise the yellow and green sunflower theme going on that I worked hard to get just right here, but at the same time I want people to be able to view it. It must be that computer monitors show things as different colours, because on mine, it's very soft and not bright at all. Anyway I hope it's better for you ~~ let me know ok? *smoochies*

I've listened to my new Def Leppard CD more than once and I'm loving it ~ can't get enough of No Matter What, I'm just crazy about the way they do that song! And this morning I watched them on The Today Show and it was great ~~ I was looking out for my NooYawk Sista Janna.....but couldn't spot her. I'm just waiting to read her post about it on Savage Attitude and then I'll find out more...... I wish I could have been there!! And tonight they are on The Tonight Show and I'll tape that puppy too, lol. **UPDATE:** I did finally spot Janna on TV at the Today Show......and apparently it was a misprint about the Lepps being on the Tonight Show.***

Hubby wants to see if we can get a loan and do all the repairs on our house this spring and summer. It's almost 40 yrs. old and falling down around us. We're talking things that NEED to be done too, not only esthetics ~ new roof, new windows and doors, new front sidewalk and front step (both caving in) new front lawn (caving in) new or fixed deck in the back, ours is rotting away. And we have wood siding that's painted white, and he wants to replace it with brick. Could be that our house will be Grand Central Station for the summer. Bleh! But it really does have to be done or we'll get condemmed, lol.

Right now it's nice out......not too hot, and sunny. But in the next couple of days they are calling for some hot stuff, and I've been dreading it so bad. I wish I only got "just hot" and not physically ill with the heat. Summer high temperatures are something that I really dread with almost fear now... and myself and several others I know (sister Pammie included) wish that we could go from May right to October......and just skip the summer heat, lol. Of course, we'd like spring and autumn to last for several months though! Anyway by Monday I should already be feeling it, and extreme exhaustion and nausea is the worst part. It isn't too bad if it's only a couple days at a time, but if it stretches to a week or more, I'm about ready to admit myself to a hospital, lol. Bleh again!!

I am still absolutely LOVING my Windows XP, thank you everyone who already has it for your recommendations and support. The only thing I still have to work on is getting sound. I think (well in actuality, Pammie is pretty sure, I don't know diddly squat about it) that I have to download some new stuff for it is all. So hopefully that will do it. In the meantime, every single other issue and problem I was having before with Windows M.E. is now history, and I'm very happy!

To all of my U.S. friends, I wish you a FABULOUS long weekend!!! May the sun shine and the breeze be refreshing; and may you all stay safe! To everyone, have a great weekend and take care of each other ~ PEACE until next time!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Sister Pammie and I got our copies at Walmart on the weekend! WooHoo!

Just a short one tonight peeps, I'm pooped. It was the first day back to work after our Victoria Day long weekend, so it was actually just like a Monday. I was asked to work an extra day this week (Thursday) so unfortunately it will make my coming weekend shorter, so I'd best try to get as much rest as I can. Sheeit. I hate being menopausal, lol. No energy levels to speak of and always tired. Bleh!!

You all have an excellent Hump Day tomorrow and take care of each other! ~~PEACE~~ Pass it on!

Love Jude
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Monday, May 23, 2005


My sis Pammie must really really really love me, lol. She stayed up with me until around 3 a.m. and helped me install a new windows program ~~~ I am now the proud owner of Windows XP!! WooHoo! (say goodbye to nasty Windows M.E. Jude...... "okay, Good Riddance!")

Everything works wonderfully so far, and as I was hoping, a few gliches I had with M.E. are now gone......like for instance I can once again get into my Paint program, and I can browse through Webshots again (yes, M.E. developed some sort of problem with that) so it's wonderful. The only issue we have to address now is the fact that for some reason or another, I have no sound coming out of my speakers. But everything else is working very nicely! Thanks Pammie, you are a sweetheart and I owe you big time! Breakfast out is on me today, sis!

I would like to direct everyone's attention to my sidebar, where I have added a new blog link called Complimenting Commenter. I stumbled upon this in someone's blog comments. This person loves to compliment people, and so they (he/she?) picks blogs and asks everyone to go into them and compliment them. If you get complimented there are even buttons you can put on your blog saying you've been complimented, lol. It's a fabulous idea (fantabulous!!) and nice to spread some sunshine like that. Please check it out, I think it's a wonderful thing.

Well our Victoria Day long weekend is almost over, and it was a lovely one. We've had nice weather, not too hot but lovely, and it was me and hubby's Anniversary weekend too. Today however, the weather has turned cooler, but the good thing is, we're getting rain! We need that, so I'm not complaining, but I do feel sorry for anybody who went camping for the first time of the season this weekend. Pammie and I are going to be out doing the weekly grocery run, and as I said I'll buy her breakfast just cuz she's so nice to her older and oh-so computer challenged sis.

My blogging buddy Rich, and his partner Justin, are on their way to Europe in a couple days for a holiday. I wish he could stow me in his luggage and drop me off in England for a visit, lol. Hey Kate want some company dear?? Man, I have just GOT to get there one day before my time here is up. I just know that setting foot in the U.K. will be like "going home" for me somehow......I always say I must have lived and loved there in a previous lifetime.

Only 4 more days until Def Leppard are on the Today Show in NYC ~~ I'll be taping that show! I heard somewhere that they are also on The Tonight Show on that same day......anybody know about that?? And only 3 months until they're here in Edmonton rocking our socks off! Woo Hoo! I still have to wait until June 3 for tickets to go on sale, and it won't be General Admission, thankfully!!

Well peeps I'm going to pour myself a cup of coffee and sit back and admire my Windows X.P. I hope you all have an excellent Monday ~ take care of each other and PEACE be yours.

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Thursday, May 19, 2005


**author's note: this blog entry has turned out to be rather long, so if you have the time, pull up a chair, grab a cup/glass of your favourite drink, and allow me to share from the heart. Thanks.**

After reading an entry that a fellow blogger posted recently (Xavier I understand you) I feel moved to share a couple stories of my own about "Trust". Wow, that word is huge. In any relationship, it is #1 and it is huge.

Have you ever experienced the difficulty of having to let someone in your life go, when they didn't want to be let go? It's really one of those hurdles on life's path that is almost easier to just walk around instead of bucking up and getting through it. I had one such experience a few years ago. Someone I knew from my teen years but hadn't hardly seen, let alone heard from, for 30+ years suddenly contacted me. I say I knew her when I was a teenager, she was one of many that I went to highschool with, but we never were close or anything. She had been living pretty much in another province all those 30+ years and decided that she was going to move here to Alberta, and contacted me. I began to build a relationship with her. Within a short period of time, she decided to move here to this city. I should have paid more attention but I didn't....... when she told me on the phone she was moving here, my stomach knotted and felt sour. I didn't know why it would, so I chose to ignore it. Bad decision.

She made a couple of trips here and arranged that I would drive around with her in her car, looking for apartments in different ends of the city. She found one she liked way out on the South Side, I live in the West End. She moved here. And then it really began. She is one of those people who remind me of a teenager. She loved to be on the phone, talking about absolutely nothing. Within a week of arriving here she met a man. She started seeing him and after a bit he decided it wasn't a good idea. She had other plans and didn't want to let go of him. She would phone me at any time just to talk about him, and/or nothing. Didn't matter if I had a house full of company, or if I was about to take dinner off the stove before it burned so hubby and I could eat, or if he was waiting for me in the truck outside, waiting for us to go somewhere. If I told her I couldn't talk now but would call her back, she'd get angry. Once she told me I wasn't a very good friend at all. I relayed this to some of my friends and let me tell you, a few of them were fit to be tied. They wanted to speak to her, with that "let me at her!" attitude. Well it was nice to be reminded that I was NOT like this woman said I was.

After several months of "being this woman's friend", I started to understand my first "gut instinct" about her. She was sucking the very energy out of me. Honestly. All she ever wanted was for me to be there for her night or day and to listen to her shit. Always always always the same old shit. I really and truly tried to help her but then after months it hit me that she didn't want help ~ she would rather wallow in her self pity. And it was then that I knew I had tried, and as a matter of fact, I'd already gone above and beyond. It was time to cut her out of my life. I won't go into the painful details but it wasn't pretty. Even though I knew I was doing the only thing I could do, I still felt bad. I had even been given several unasked for psychic readings on the situation, even her deceased father came through in one reading and the medium told me that even he understood why I had to do this. She didn't want to let go. I explained why. I wished her well and gave her a "God bless". That was almost 3 years ago, and 3 or 4 times since then she still has tried to contact me, and has asked me if we could be friends again. She moved back to the province she lived in for the last 30+ years and I was so relieved. That was the feeling my body had ~ relief. She had been sucking the very energy out of me, and exhausting me! But she's still phoned a couple of times and emailed. I have blocked her emails now. I should have listened to that first "gut instinct", but on the other hand, maybe this was meant to be a lesson for both her and I. I learned from it, and acquired some soul growth from it. I hope she did too.

My other story is about trusting Spirit ~ the word "Spirit" encompassing those who are my spirit guides and who live in the next world. I have made a few previous posts about how Spirit has alerted me to danger, or how they have let me feel their presence when I've really needed support or comfort. This time, they came through to help me make a decision based on finances. It was a big decision and one I was having some trouble making. It took place about 6 years ago.

I had a king-size waterbed from 1978, and in 1989 I finally converted it to a foam bed. Bought the foam mattresses cut to size, put them in the waterbed frame. This worked until the foam started to get old, and about 6 years ago I was waking up with a sore back every single day. I knew in my heart I had to buy a new bed, but I couldn't afford to pay for what I really needed. I needed a really good bed. And hubby has a bad back and he needs a hard mattress. I can't sleep on anything hard, I need something with good support but that is soft and cushiony on top. I knew that what I needed was a "split mattress" ~ they come in king size beds ~ one side can be soft and the other side hard. The only place I could find one was at a Sears department store, but it was a LOT of money. We kept going there every other week or so, waiting for a possible sale. Well it happened. For a month, it was half price, which was still more money than I could afford ($2700.00 cdn) and for a $45 charge, you could put in on deferral, and pay for it in one year. I had just started my job several months before, and when my first year anniversary there came, my position was to be "reviewed". In other words, that first year we didn't know if my job was safe or not. PLUS, hubby had just finished a job and was looking for one. So you see, our financial situation was certainly "iffy" and I had no idea what kind of shape we'd be in a year later, when this bed payment would have come due.

A friend of mine was living in Banff, and working at the world famous Banff Springs Hotel. She was also a working medium, and we had been doing a meditation together once a week, every Monday at noon. We'd both sit and meditate and always we would be given messages from our spirit guides for each other at the very end of the meditations. Then we would phone each other and compare notes. Well this one Monday she gave me a message from Spirit, and it was just after the day we had found out the bed I needed to buy was on sale for half price. This friend had absolutely no idea about my bed, my sore back, and my looking for a new bed. I had never told her about any of it, ever.

The very first part of the message for me from Spirit that she gave me went like this, and it blew my mind: "They are telling me that you want to buy something but you are afraid to spend the money. They are saying that it isn't just a case of wanting it, but that you "need" to have it, that you should definitely get it. They say not to worry, that you should go buy this item and that they will make sure you will be okay with finances." Holy crap, this totally blew my mind!! I told her what it was all about and she laughed. I had to spend some time sweating this one out and thinking about it. I knew I only had a few weeks left to make this decision while the bed was on sale, but I was terrified. Then it hit me. All the messages that Spirit had given me over the years for other people were always right on and very helpful. Why couldn't I trust them now? I felt a little ashamed, and I knew that I had to take a huge leap of faith and just TRUST them. So I did. Sweating palms and all, hubby and I went and bought the bed, and got it on deferral. To be paid March of the next year. About two weeks before it was due to be paid, I received $2,000 that had been owing to me. I paid off the bed and had a little cry, thanking my loving, wonderful, helpful and supportive Spirit guides. In God's world, we aren't supposed to know how everything will turn out, and often we have to make our own decisions. There are times when Spirit can direct us and advise us. Other times they have to stay back and let us do for ourselves, and just be there to support us. I love my Spirit guides and cherish their presence in my life. I am so blessed!

Well that was a very long post as it turns out, but I don't hear any snoring......lol. Thanks for being a part of my sharing. I wish all of you a great Friday tomorrow, and an excellent long weekend ahead!! Here in Canada it is the Victoria Day long weekend, or what most of us simply call "The May Long Weekend". Many blessings to you all, and PEACE to you and yours!

Love Jude

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy last post on Sunflowers, and you may be relieved, but I can't stop talking about them, lol. I love how they look all on their own, in a garden en masse, or one at a time in a vase. But they also look great with other flowers, in this case they are sprucing up some snapdragons and I can tell you I wouldn't mind being given a bouquet like that! Or like this one......
Image hosted by Photobucket.com........all by themselves. Here they are beautifying what could be a country kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter. This flower just makes me feel so .... sunny. I heart sunflowers!!

So, it's Tuesday evening and it's been a glorious day of rain in Edmonton, Alberta!! Man we needed this moisture here too. It's still overcast and drizzly. We had thunder last evening and I love thunder ~ along with some good downpours. First rain of the year! The funny thing is how hubby hadn't cut our lawn since last fall, and the front lawn in particular was so long it was looking really bad. Well last night he finally hauled out the lawnmower, and I kept saying "you better hurry, I can hear thunder in the distance"......and no sooner had he got half of the lawn cut, it started to pour! LOL So now we have a half cut lawn, which looks very hilarious! When the sun comes out again, everything will be so lush.

I just found another cool item and added it to my sidebar at the top. It changes from "good morning" to "good afternoon" to "good evening". Coolies, huh? LOL Another Bravenet freebie. Most of my sidebar stuff is from them.

Today is me and hubby's 8th. wedding anniversary. Oopies, wrong smiley! I meant this one --->

Oopies again! This one's the right one, lol ---> Being a work night, this woosy chick asked if we could go out for dinner tomorrow night instead. And we'll be celebrating in style this weekend, woo hoo! (don't ask, none of your biz, lol) So that's what we'll be doing!

Allrightythen, that's all for this time, I still have to get this warpaint off my face and try to get to bed at a decent hour tonight. I wish you all an excellent Hump Day tomorrow, and PEACE for you and yours......

Love Jude Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sunday, May 15, 2005


Yet another lovely "blend" of Sunflowers! This one being the "Ornamental Blend", which reminds me a bit of the Autumn Beauty blend. The ring in the center is quite different and eye-catching, don't you think?
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com And then the second one, "Vanilla Ice" ~~ oh my now that is special!! Even the name sounds so intriguingly beautiful!! Yes I think if I had a garden bed of only sunflowers, I would definitely have to have this beauty mixed in with the lovely yellows! I never knew there were so many kinds of sunflowers, and this little "sunny" journey of mine has been very educational for me! Oh yes, and today I finally got to test the perfume "Sunflowers", and alas, it is much too strong on me. So I'll stick to my Obsession and few of the softer body sprays that I like.

GUESS WHAT I BOUGHT TODAY!!! This chick is "gettin' with the program", peeps! A NEW program, that is! My computer came with Windows M.E. which I'm not totally satisfied with. So with my sister Pammie's urging and advice, today I bought Windows XP. I got it for a really good price on sale too. Now, you all know me, I won't know a thing about it. I said to her, "of course you realize I'm gonna buy this and take it home and just stare at the package ~ not having a CLUE what to then DO with it, right?" Pammie, being the computer guru and sweetie that she is, has said that she will help me load it. And do some other things I need to do first, like back up a couple of things I have on here and need to do anyway. And something about a "new driver" for my printer. I thought I had to go buy some new printer part, lol. But she assures me it's just something I download from online. Sheesh. Who knows all this stuff? I guess Pammie does. And Rich would too. Anyway one of these days I'm gonna have me a new operating system that is much much better than the one I have now, and seems to be causing me some problems. Anyway I've said it before and I'll say it again ~ if it wasn't for my Pammie, I'd still be sitting here playing Solitaire cuz that's the only thing I'd know HOW to do. Thanks Pammie!!! **smoochies and hugs**

Speaking of my sister, we were out today doing the grocery run, and holy fireball in the sky batman, it was H.O.T.!! It got to about mid 70's here today and with the sun beating in through her car windows, by the time we were on our way home I was already feeling the effects of heat exhaustion. Of course, airconditioning in the car would help that and I think I already told her some summers ago that if I ever win the lotto I'm buying her a vehicle of her choice ~ with airconditioning. We go lots of places together, her and I. She's always chaffeuring me somewhere or other, lol. WooHoo Pammie! Maybe it'll be the lotto ticket I bought today huh?

Well chicks and dudes this post is toast and I'm wishing you all an excellent Monday. If there is such a thing. We can only try, right? Vickytoria darling, I sincerely hope that you and I both get some sleep tonight!! I'm sick and tired of doing Mondays at work with little or no sleep, and I'm sure you are too. Until next chat, PEACE everyone!

Love Jude

Saturday, May 14, 2005


Not only is the Sunflower the national flower of Russia, it is celebrated in other ways too! The very famous Van Gogh loved them, and they inspired him to paint this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com A print of this sits in one of the torture cubicles in my dentist's office, Dr. I.L. Drillya. And I always hope that I get put in that chair. Also, books are written about this flower:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com No, I haven't read it, but I think I'd like to have it just to sit it out for the picture on the cover. And who hasn't heard of Anne Geddes and her famous baby portraits?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com This was always one of my favourites. How does she do it, I wonder? She must take a gazillion shots before she gets one where none of the babies are crying or fussing or turning away from the camera. And then of course there is the perfume, a tribute to this sunny flower:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com I don't own any of it, and I haven't even smelled it yet, but the next time I see a sample of it I must try some. Maybe it would look good just sitting in my bathroom (which has some sunflower theme in it too) even if I don't prefer the scent?

I never heard back from the people who make the webbands ~ the one I had up on the top left corner is now gone, as yesterday I decided to put my own little something in my sidebar, still with a link to the site with the great webbands, of course! I know that I "polled" all of my gay gentleman friends on here awhile ago, but I still feel more comfortable using the word "gay" rather than "queer". It's just one of those things embedded into my psyche growing up, and I feel much better with this one. Silly, aren't I? Oh well, I am the first person to admit that God's not done with me yet.........

It's been a very nice quiet day here today, and I had an hour long nap this afternoon. Ahhh..... it feels so good to catch up on some zzzzzz's while hubby isn't in bed with me! I taped a movie last night and watched it this morning.... ah yes, yet another Johnny Depp movie, "Benny and Joon". A fabulous movie! If you haven't seen it, it is worth watching, a very endearing movie and Johhny plays a brilliant part in it! In the beginning I used to think he was just worth watching for his eye candy appeal, but he is very talented at his craft. He's played so many different kinds of characters and every one of them were excellent. My favourite so far is The Black Pearl ~ he portrays the funniest and sexiest pirate I've ever seen!

I hope you are all having a fabulous weekend! It is a sunny and warm 72F. here ~ a rather nice day. Tomorrow is supposed to be rather hot, so I'm enjoying this day while I have it, lol. Until next time peeps, take good care of each other and PEACE to you!

Love Jude
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Thursday, May 12, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com Did you know this?? I didn't! I'm "almost" Russian, or similar anyway, as I'm half Ukranian. And here it's Russia's national flower and my favourite one too. Who knew? The Russians, I'm guessing. I didn't even know they had sunflowers over there, dude! Well dayam, Russia rocks! I. Love. Sunflowers.

Well apparently my friends have been figuring me out. Tracey sent me those Autumn Beauty sunflower seeds, Monica gave me that gorgeous sunflower partitioned serving dish, and at dinner last night, my pal Michele gave me a card and gift of sunflower themes too! She was just in Mexico on a holiday with her hubby and boys, and she brought me back this bowl made in Mexico. Isn't it gorgeous?
I love the way Mexican pottery and art is all such beautiful bright colours too.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I love certain perfumes and have my couple of favourites, but now I'm wondering what the one called "Sunflowers" smells like. (could it smell like Russia in summertime?) For me, perfumes have to be very "soft" and feminine. I hate being around somebody who has something so strong on that it starts burning the inside of my nostrils enough to make me sneeze, and that does happen. I'd hate to wear something like that. I'd hate to have that effect on somebody too. OY. Imagine showing up to work one day, and everyone is wearing gas masks and pointing at you. I'd be checking, 1) my perfume, and 2) my knickers. Um, change that order around.... heh heh.

Well folks hubby just got in the door and I'm getting computer eyes..... so it's time to say nighty-night and wish you a fabulous Friday! Until next time, PEACE!

Love Jude Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com The last post I shared with you the "Autumn Beauty" variety of Sunflowers, in all their fall colour splendor. Here is another picture of this spiritual and beautiful flower, showing just a few of the many other colours they can be. Pretty huh? They are all lovely, but in this particular picture I'm drawn to the lovely buttery and soft yellow of the first one. There is something so serene about it, whereas the vibrancy of the other 3 colours perks you right up! When I remarried in 1997, hubby and I had the hall decorated with a sunflower theme, all in the well known yellow colour with brown center.

I had a lovely dinner out tonight with 2 very close girlfriends, one who used to be my supervisor (she works in one of our other centers now). Her name is Leona but we all called her "mum" as she used to fuss over us and take care of us so much. And the other is my best friend Michele who also went from our office to Leona's. Michele's my pal for life. Thanks Leona and Michele for the wonderful birthday gifts and for the great visit ~ you made my day!

I haven't done well in the last several days with sleep, and I hope to catch up on some of that on my days off. OY. Speaking of which, I should get this warpaint scrubbed off my face and think about winding down for the night here soon. But before I go, I wish you all an excellent Thursday ~~ PEACE to you and yours!

Love Jude

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com The Sunflower.....my symbol for sunshine, growth and hope ~ and my favourite flower, as if you didn't know that by now, LOL. For my birthday, someone who shall remain nameless (by the initials of T.R.A.C.E.Y.) sent me a sheet of sunflower seeds.....they are called Helianthus Annus, or "Autumn Beauty", as they have reds, yellows, golds, and combinations, just like autumn. Which also happens to be my favourite season! I've looked up pics of these on the internet and this is what they look like. Pretty aren't they??

My happiness abounds, in sunny things like these flowers, and also (as if you didn't guess this already) in the fact that I'll be seeing Def Leppard again this summer! I've added a countdown clock on the sidebar just for the occasion too ~ they will be here Tuesday August 23rd., playing at what used to be called the Coliseum where the Edmonton Oilers play NHL hockey. These days it's called Rexall Place, don't ask me why and I don't really give two hoots anyway, LOL. It seats 18,000 fans, and we can be LOUD. Woo Hoo! Here's a link to Rexall Place homepage......the interesting thing about this page, is that one of the pics looks just like Sav playing!!! (**you have to click on the link top left that says Rexall Place! I can't get this to work otherwise**) Tell me what YOU think!

Rexall Place and SAV??

As Debs would say, "coolies!" LOL I'm typing this in between getting ready for work, and I have to go make my sandwich for lunch and run out the door. So I'll wish you all an excellent Tuesday, the middle of my workweek, and catch you all later!

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Love Jude

Monday, May 09, 2005

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com
THEY'RE COMING!! August 23, me and sister Pammie will BE THERE! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!
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Now you all have some "commenting" to do, as this is my 3rd. post in about 24 hours or something ~ LOL

Woo Hoo!
Love Jude me Pammie