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Monday, February 28, 2005


OY. It was quite the day ~~ busy as Mondays usually can be, but being month end, I had to stay late tonight too. Not a terrible thing, but nothing went right, and because of two people who didn't do their jobs right, I was there even longer than I should have been. I wasn't a happy camper and I'm still upset with them. Thing is, everyone had gone home except a couple of us doing month end stuff, so trying to find paperwork that wasn't turned in was, to say the least, NOT FUN.

Does anyone know what happened to all of our Gravatar pictures? Where did they go? Are they all living in the big Gravatar Heaven in the sky? Geez we just get them and they disappear. Server problems I assume......... just something more for me to bitch about today I guess. (How do you like me so far? Am I cheering you up or what? LOL)

I'm really enjoying the wireless keyboard and mouse I got a month or so ago. My keyboard tray is one that is only big enough for the keyboard, and I can't sit and use the mouse (when I'm not using the keyboard) by reaching up on the desktop, it hurts my wrist and shoulder. So consequently I am always switching them back and forth to the tray, and having the wireless ones isn't so awkward. Besides, this keyboard is very quiet, which is also nice.

I made the trek down the back alley to go to work this morning, and let me tell you I was really nervous.......had to shuffle like a little ol' lady because it was so damn trecherous. If it wasn't so rough and full of frozen ruts, I'd be better off in skates. It was another sunny warm day today, so that means more melting, and then more freezing tonight. Double OY.

Birthday cake update: Hubby just got home late from work, and he's chowing down on the last of it right now. Sorry GayStud, guess you'll have to settle for that Wendy's Frosty afterall.........

Well just like the cake, I'm outta here. Time to think about getting a bit (or a LOT) of beauty rest, and gear up for another day of work tomorrow. I wish you all a good Tuesday! PEACE!

Love Jude

"With Neptune moving into Aquarius tomorrow, Scorpios are finally going to break out of their schlump and start being the life of the party again. Since everyone knows how horny Scorpios are, parties the world over are going to be orgies for the next while. Condoms, anyone? For Gemini's, watch what you eat for the next 48 hours as you will tend to bloat and have a really ugly flatulence problem. Stay away from those beans we all know you are addicted to if you don't like sleeping alone! All signs will notice a rise in energy levels, which is good timing as you will want to run away fast from those stinky Gemini's. People born on this date all have illegible handwriting and became doctors in order to get their jollies writing prescriptions nobody can read."

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Hi guys!! Busy day today......lots of shopping, groceries and then a fun couple of stops at both Walmart and that wonderful huge new Dollar Store. Holy crap, last time I looked, there WASN'T a tree that grows money in my yard.......... but you'd think I figured there was, cuz I got lots of really cool stuff today. Yup, one of them is an elephant on my wall.... in the living room, I replaced a shitty little old clock on the wall with a big, beautiful one with roman numerals and a faded picture of a very beautiful elephant on it ( I just love elephants, I think they are so spiritual and wise). It's not a cheap looking thing, which it might sound like from my description (animals on clocks Jude??) it's really very classy looking, I think, anyway, LOL I also replaced my old plastic kitchen clock (blue, ugh.... with a blue plastic knife and fork for hands, ptui!!!) with a very similar clock to the elephant one, but smaller, still with black roman numerals but some faded SUNFLOWERS (yay!!) That and some little cupboard shelf organizers, a new folding plastic table for the laundry room, (I've been wringing my hands trying to find something that will work down there!) and some kitchen drawer organizers ~~ all of the above purchased at the ever waaay too busy Walmart. Then at the Dollar Store........GREAT buys....... I got new kitchen hand towels, nail file, nail brush for hubby, and another gas lighter (for lighting the gazillions of candles and incense I burn, lol) All for $1.00 each! So about that money tree that isn't growing in my yard....... "screw 'em if they can't take a joke", is what I say! I haven't really spent that much (I can't) and it's all coming out of the bonus I got at work for Christmas anyway.

Cake update: there's still a half a piece left. Hubby didn't eat the whole piece for his "breakfast" this morning. Tsk! Tsk!

Beef Stroganoff update: there's enough left for hubby and I each to take some to work tomorrow for lunches. YUM. And okay Rich, I believe you about doggies masturbating. Yikes what a picture I have of THAT in my head. I wonder if there's a famous picture of THAT too, like the one of doggies playing poker??? No, I don't want one if there is, either, thank you very much. Besides, I think it would clash with my elegant and lovely elephant clock.

Happy Birthday to my friend and "second mum" Leona!! I love you very much, woman! (she's only a couple years older than me, but when she was my supervisor at work she fussed and worried over us, and took care of us just like a mum would......)

Back to the salt mines tomorrow.......and I'm NOT looking forward to the long walk down my back alley to get there ~~ I was back there today looking at it, and it is sheer ice. OMG but ice like that terrifies me! Never used to, and it isn't as if I'm an old lady, but I am getting scared of falling and breaking some bones or seriously hurting myself. It's times like this when I wish I could just stay home until it's not so slippery. The sidewalks and a lot of the roads are bare pavement but our alley doesn't get much sun for all the trees and it takes awhile for everything back there to dry up.......so when it's warm like this, it melts like crazy during the day, and then just re-freezes at night. Sheeeit!!

Well it's time for this chick to get this warpaint scrubbed off and get into the "go to bed silly, you have to work tomorrow" mode...... I'll wish you all a good Monday and catch you on the flip-flop! Take care of each other! ~~PEACE~~

Love Jude

"For Capricorns the next week will bring a variety of problems. You will find difficulties with children come to a head, and that's not a good thing as everyone knows Capricorns are all childish and immature themselves. Try to keep your wits about you and not let the little buggers get the better of you. If they do, send them packing off to join the French Foreign Legion..... that'll fix 'em! For Aquarians, the next 72 hours are crucial for those of you trying to adopt or become foster parents. Beware of little brats with French/English dictionaries looking to avoid a forced flight to France, oui? Now is an excellent time for all signs to hang around airports searching the trash cans for discarded flight tickets to France. Vacation in "gay Paree", anyone? All people with birthdays today have goofy grins and love to say "Yup you betcha" and "Okee Dokee".

Saturday, February 26, 2005


Well the party was a success, the Beef Stroganoff (don't even go there with the jokes, besides I don't actually know if animals masturbate anyway, do they?) was deelish, so was the salad and french bread, and the marble cake/whipped milk chocolate icing was waaaaay too good! Brother in law Rory decorated it with help from my little niece, and I think it looked very festive indeedy-doody! I say "looked" festive, cuz there's only one piece left now!! Family company has gone home, the Old Guy is tucked into bed, and I've just cleaned up the kitchen and turned out the lights. Aaaaahhhh! Now the house is quiet, I'm pooped, and I'm going to sit and enjoy some computer time before bed.

Now in 3 weeks time, I'll be having another family birthday party for sister Pammie, who will be turning "old" too! Just not as old as me, but I can still say that, lol. (Hi Pammie!) We always have the family get together, complete with dinner and cake of the birthday person's choice. Our Mom used to always bake our favourite cakes for us, so I'm kind of missing that little tradition ~ it's not like we still don't get cake, it's just the memory, if you know what I mean. For many years, she always made me one of two different pies......either lemon meringue or pumpkin, my two favourites. I have always loved pastry even more than cakes, but for the last couple of years she was still with us, I opted for cake, as it was a little less work for her. Actually with Mom gone now, I don't know if I'd want to do the birthday pie again.......I think it would be too sad!!!

Well folks it's a short one tonight, but I just wanted to share some cake with you so to speak. Have a great Sunday everyone, and take care of each other! ~~ PEACE ~~

Love Jude

"With a new moon on the horizon, A
ries will be susceptible to runny noses and chilly bum cheeks. This could be due to the fact that all Aries people are strippers. If you are a Capricorn, wait to purchase new underwear until you've gone on that diet, as everybody hates to see those oh-so attractive panty lines. As Saturn moves into a new cusp tomorrow, all signs, especially those notorious Scorpios, will be feeling somewhat frisky. Now is a good time to stop worrying about making up those beds people, you're just going to mess them up right away anyway, unless you're the adventurous types who do it everywhere else but the bedroom. Be messy, nobody will see it anyway as they'll all be doing the same thing at their houses. All people born on this date are used car salesmen and nose pickers."

Friday, February 25, 2005


Sometimes, even though I know I really do "get" legitimate stuff from my spirit guides on the Other Side, being human, I still often do that "is it just me?" questioning. So all the time I'm going "hang on I'll ask my guides" thing ~ in my head. I have discussed this self-doubt with other mediums at great length, and we all agree that it's actually a very healthy attitude to take anyway, much better than letting ego get in the way and figure you're always right. Right? Right! Anyway, I was just remembering a very cool spiritual experience, and this time I didn't have to ask ~ I could see with my own physical eyes.

It was about 5 years ago or so...... a friend phoned me and asked if she could please send a lady friend of hers over to see me, as she was in a very bad way. The lady came, and she had brought with her a framed studio photograph of someone, but at first she didn't pull it out of the bag for me to see, instead, we sat down and I started a reading (clairvoyance) and immediately got the sense of a gentleman that had passed very recently. (I think it had been about a month) I'm not going to go into a lot of details, but when he was alive, he had bouts of depression and the only place he ever felt peace was when he was out in nature amongst the trees. He loved trees. Then she told me that she had a picture of him with her, and something strange was happening to the picture. She pulled it out and showed me, and I could see these wiggly "lines" behind him in the picture. I told her that it looked like tree branch shapes to me. Well, we sat down at the table then, picture right there under noses, while I connected again, and did a Tarot reading. During the reading, it became clear what he was trying to tell me ~ these "lines" were branches of a tree, and before our eyes, little pink spots started appearing along the lines..... I'm telling you the truth, the picture was changing as we sat there and looked at it. To make a long story short, and keeping in mind that spirit guides often use symbolism to get information across to us, the lines were trees, telling her not to worry, he was at peace.....and the pink spots were flower buds on the branches, telling her that he was going through new growth.

The lady left in a very different frame of mind and emotions, because she had been so overcome with fear that her dearly departed love was alone, afraid and upset. He brought some other bits of information through in the reading too, things that confirmed for her it was indeed really him, as nobody else (especially a stranger like myself) would have known these things. That's the kind of confirmation mediums always try to work hard to get ~ AND it's also the kind of confirmation the person being read for (ie: this lady) wants and needs to get.

This phenomena is called Spirit Photography, although it was a bit different in form that the usual. Some of you may have heard of cases where pictures are taken, the film developed, and then one of the pictures has something or someone in it that is unexplainable. Sometimes it's an obvious person in the picture.....and often somebody "attached" to someone else in the picture....... and in this case, it was a newly sprouting tree branch.

I never saw or heard from the woman again, other than a follow-up phone call I made to my friend to see if the lady was doing okay. I don't know if the branch remained a permanent part of the picture of her loved one, but I've always preferred to think that it did, just to remind her always that he was okay.

Well peeps, I am about to head off to bed. My house is clean and the birthday cake is baked and frosted, sitting in it's pretty glass footed cake saver, awaiting lit candles tomorrow night after dinner. Tomorrow, all I have to do now is cook, and get myself ready......some primping and adding a little warpaint to the face and I'll be in "partay" mode! I hope hubby is feeling better for it ~~ I tucked him into bed tonight with him sniffling and coughing.....oh-oh. Maybe I'll do a little hands-on healing while he's asleep. I'm off, and that crazy Madame G.J. is on ~~~ so until next time, take good care of each other, and I wish you PEACE***

Love Jude

"Pluto moves into Taurus tonight, causing rifts between co-workers. If you feel like picking a fight, this is an excellent time, unless you work on the assembly line for a dart game manufacturer. For Libras, the next 72 hours will be an easier time for you, lately you've been depressed and feeling like nobody cares. Well we don't really, but we'll be nicer to you for the next few days. Aries males will be prone to injuries so be wary of leaving home without wearing your jock straps. Especially if you're a jockey or bullrider. Youch. All signs should beware of gun-toting hysterical women buying tampons. Run like the wind. People born on this date are all nudist beekeepers and ice cube salesmen."


Okay so I've got a LOT OF SHIT to do today, a LOT. But I'm just trying to wake up, ya know? I thought I'd just sit and check out emails and some friend's blogs, and then I'd get up and get started....... well okay, maybe while I'm here I might just as well post another entry, cuz it's been a WHOLE DAY since my last one, LOL. I'm just putting off doing all that SHIT for a few more minutes, afterall.

I have to vaccum and dust my house, scrub my floors, scrub out my bathroom, bake a birthday cake for the Old Guy (hubby), etc. etc. etc..... and I'm getting tired already just thinking about all that SHIT!! Well I suppose one has to do what one has to do.......and really, I'm not procrastinating, I'm just busy as hell drinking my coffee. Wouldn't want to spill it all over my vaccum now, would I??

Okay so while I'm sitting here procra.... I mean, having my coffee, I've been thinking about how much the weather has been changing so much worldwide, really, over the last decade or two. In several blogs from people way south of me and east of me..... in particular, I've been reading how much cold and snow they are having. And yet up here in central Alberta, where it's supposed to be colder isn't it??, we've been having nothing but sunny, warm spring-like days that is melting all our snow like crazy. Isn't that backwards? Not only that, but even here it's weird. I grew up all over Canada (my Dad being in the Airforce) and I've lived out east, Ontario, Manitoba, Labrador, and out west here in both B.C. and Alberta. When I was younger, no matter what part of the country I was in, in winter, you had snow and cold weather, varying in degrees of course; and in summer you had sunny days and some rainy days and it was hot, but not so strangely over-hot as it can get now. These days you just don't know what you're going to get. Many moons ago the big joke was that the changing weather patterns was all to be blamed on "the Russians".....good grief, LOL. But what can we point the finger at now? Hmmmm, is it the Ozone layer?? Who knows, but it's gotten weird anyway.

Anyway to my southeastern neighbours in the U.S. I send you my sympathies for the snowy weather you're getting, and just thought I'd share with you this cute little poem that my friend Monica gave to me a few years ago. Thanks Monica!

"I made myself a snowball
As perfect as can be
I thought I'd keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas
And a pillow for it's head
Then last night it ran away
But first ~~ it wet the bed."

Too cute huh? Well peeps my coffee cup is almost empty and there is way too much SHIT that awaits my tired ol' self......so I had best leave you here and get crackin'! Have a great Friday everyone, and PEACE be yours!

Love Jude

"For those Pisces with birthdays this week, things are looking up for you in the health department quite a bit. Those warts that you Pisces are prone to get will diminish in size and be less embarrasing. (we all know Pisces are really witches) Leos will be in for a rough time however, with demanding employers this week. Try to keep your cool and don't sass back or you could be out of a job. Just keep your nose clean and bitch about them behind their backs ~ everyone knows Leos are all back-stabbers anyway. All signs can afford to me more generous with volunteering, charities and astrologers now. Send me, I mean, send them money and lots of it, it will feel really good. Born on this date: famous wheel inventor, Grug, from Cave 13."

Thursday, February 24, 2005


My sister Pam sent me this today, I've seen it before a long time ago, and really loved it ~ as a matter of fact, I loved the "shit" out of it! So I wanted to share it with you, and hope you get a good chuckle out of it too. Thanks Pammie!

The Most Functional English Word

Well, it's shit...that's right, shit!
Shit may just be the most functional
word in the English language.


You can get shit-faced,
Be shit out of luck,
or have shit for brains.

With a little effort,
you can get your shit together,
Find a place for your shit, Or
be asked to shit or get off the pot.

You can smoke shit,
buy shit,
sell shit,
lose shit,
find shit,
forget shit,
and tell others to eat shit.

Some people know their shit, while
others can't tell the difference
between Shit and Shineola.

There are lucky shits,
dumb shits,
crazy shits,
There is bull shit,
horse shit and
chicken shit.

You can throw shit,
sling shit,
catch shit,
shoot the shit,
or duck when the shit hits the fan.

You can give a shit or
serve shit on a shingle.

You can find yourself in deep shit
or be happier than a pig in shit.

Some days are colder than shit,
some days are hotter than shit,
and some days are just plain shitty.

Some music sounds like shit,
things can look like shit,
and there are times when you feel like shit.

You can have too much shit,
not enough shit,
the right shit,
the wrong shit or
a lot of weird shit.

You can carry shit,
have a mountain of shit, or find
yourself up shit creek without a paddle.
Sometimes everything you touch turns to shit and other times
you fall in a bucket of shit and come out smelling like a rose.

When you stop to consider all the facts,
it's the basic building block of the English language.

And remember, once you know your shit,
you don't need to know anything else!

Yep it's one of my most oft-used words, and so much so that I find myself digging an even DEEPER ditch with it when I'm around kids....... I'll be talking, say "shit", and notice the kids and say "Shit! I mean, shit! OH SHIT!!" I just grab hold of that shovel and keep digging........

Have a great Thursday everyone, until next time, PEACE!

Love Jude

"As the moon's cusp moves into Pisces tomorrow, Sagittarians should be aware that skin problems may arise. Flaky, scaly skin could be a sign that you are eating far too much fish. Best to eat mostly pork for now, but be wary of little curly pink things growing out of your butt. Taurus will notice persistant headaches but this will alleviate once you figure out you've been wearing your contacts for 3 weeks straight. (My God are you ALL menopausal??) All signs, especially females, should walk like an Egyptian, because girls just wanna have fu-un. People born on this date: Johnny Walker and Captain Morgan."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


OY. Last night was NOT a hoot for this chick. I have to be up around 6 a.m. or so on a workday, but this morning I was up MUCH earlier.......I couldn't get to sleep to save my life last night. Hubby, bless his heart (argh) tossed and turned so damn much that I was awake until around 3:30 a.m. But the worst part was, one hour later (yes he gets up around 4:30 a.m. for work) he gets up and starts making his side of the bed, which means tugging on the covers etc., while I'm still in it! So natch, I wake up to this, I've only been asleep for an hour so I'm not sleeping deeply yet. He heads off to the shower and I'm laying there desperately trying to fall back asleep for another hour and a half.... but to no avail. So I got one hour sleep. Don't even ask me how I got through the day at work, must have had some help with that from above, thank you! I actually had a fairly good day too, but of course I always get bad headaches (that can turn into migraines) when I'm overly tired. So by the end of the afternoon my head started pounding, but I got it under control with some good ol' Exedrin X-Strength. I think I keep that company in business, LOL.

Remember me talking (or whining, lol) about how my job is going to be changing when we move? It was the Travel regional mgr. that said "nay" to us keeping it the way it is now.....and yet Insurance and my dept., Member Services, still wanted to keep a cashroom with me in it, at least for just our 2 departments. Well.......long story short, in a completely unrelated incident, my Insurance mgr. has now started at one of our other offices, and a new one started at ours this week. To set the scene a bit more ~~ about a week or so ago, I started getting a daily horoscope emailed to me. (legitimate, not Madame Judles, lol) Well, every day it has been talking about my job, about how I've been working hard to push an idea, and now is the time to make it all come true, etc. etc. etc.....it's been so freaky that I started forwarding them to my boss, who wants this as much as I do, and today she said (about the horoscopes) that maybe we should start "working" on the new Ins. mgr. and see what we can do! It almost makes me think, "Divine Intervention"??? Let me tell you......the plan is not dead yet!!!! And if it ever actually came to pass, I would be the happiest camper in that office!! Please wish me luck with this, I could sure use it!

Well I have TONS to do around here for the next couple of days off....... with my hubby's birthday (today ~ Happy Birthday honey ) party here on Saturday, I have lots of killer dust bunnies to send to dust bunny heaven, much cleaning up to do, still from having stuff all over the house from the ceiling saga, plus the usual laundry etc. I'm going to be a very busy girl, but I look forward to getting my home back into shape again. Let's just hope I can do it on more than one friggin' hour sleep this time!! Double OY.

I wish my true blogging friends (and sisters) a good night, and many good things ~ but mostly I wish you all peace of mind and soul........ it's the good and honest people who come into my life that put a smile on my face and a happydance in my heart ~~ I hope I can sometimes do the same in return!

Love Jude

"With the moon phase moving into Uranus tonight, Scorpios will be feeling weak-kneed and light-headed. It could be from all that hanky panky you're forever indulging in. Libras will notice a rise in their tempers, so be careful at home not to alienate loved ones, especially if it is their turn to clean the toilet. They might secretly use your toothbrush to do it. Pisces and Cancer will be coming into a lucky streak so buy those lottery tickets and remember me okay? If today is your birthday be wary of snoring or you could wake up with meat grinder attached to your nose..... slowly turning....."

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Okay I'm not Italian, I'm CANADIAN but I have British and Ukranian blood in me. However, if I DID have an Italian family, and I had a real honest-to-goodness Uncle Luigi, this is what the conversation we'd be having would sound like:

"Whatsamadda you?? You tink yous amacho man an notta woman? You tink yous a smartalick or sompin'??"
me: Yeah yeah I know Unc, but I really DID think I could carry that damn cupboard.
"Yous try sompin' likea dat again an I gonna mix you upa real nicea pair a cement shoesa!"
me: I know, I know....... and now I'm so sore I hurt like crazy.
"Dat sistera yours she pudda you up to dis nonsense? If she made yous do dis, I breaka her armsa ana legs too!"
me: No Unc, it was both our ideas.
"Hokay den....so yous both stupido!"
me: Yes we are both stupid Unc.
"Well you jus lissen up to yer Uncle Luigi, an donna go crazy doin' stuffa like dat again. Yous gotta lift sompin' heavy, yous call me an I'lla send Mario ana Luigi junior, ana da boyz take carea dat stuff for yous. Whassa matter wit all yousa wimmin dees daysa????? Wimmins lib comes ana yous all tink you gotta be a macho man. Yous should stay home ana just getta dinner on, ya know?? Geez!"
me: Okay Unc, I promise. I'll just be a good little woman from now on.

Anybody got some Extra strength A5-35 rub I can borrow? How about a lovely massage for this sore ol' bod? I just saw Pammie and I can tell you she's in the same shape. Maybe we really are as nuts as Uncle Luigi thinks. Maybe we should just stay home and "get dinner on" and leave the rest of the world to the "boyz". Yeah, as if it works that way for most of us!! Anyway, I'm certainly not whining, more than anything I just can't believe we actually tried something that stupid. OY.
And today we're paying for it too........ what a pair we are!!

So today was BUSY at work. I didn't stop, not for a minute......except for my lunch break and two rather quick coffee breaks. The day went fast though, and now tomorrow is already my "Wednesday Friday", thankfully! Then the next 2 days at home I'll be cleaning up a storm and cooking for hubby's family birthday party here on Saturday. The old fart! hee hee I'm going to make a marble cake with milk chocoate icing, and for dinner, Beef Stroganoff, YUM!
Other than that, not much to write home about today, lol........ mostly just wanted to come on and whine a bit about my sore muscles and joints.

A note to my Lil' Bro Kurt......if you read this, I hope you are okay and that we'll hear from you soon. You are greatly missed, and a lot of people care about you! {{{hugs}}}

Well peeps I'm off and Madame Gypsy Judles is on.......... have a great Hump Day tomorrow everyone, and take good care of each other! ~PEACE~

Love Jude

"Virgo children will be unruly and rather immature this coming week. Parents of these children, especially Leos, should all take a vacation and leave the kids at home, after the husbands all have vasectomies. With Jupiter moving into a sinking cusp tonight, all signs will feel irritable and childish. Now is a good time to lay on the floor and kick your feet. The next few weeks will be especially profitable if you are a podiatrist, even more so if you are an Aquarian podiatrist, as everyone knows you are stingy with your money and won't spend it anyway. People born on this date all have squinty pig-eyes and are vertically challenged."

Monday, February 21, 2005


So why don't I ever learn???? I KNOW that I have tendonitis, I suspect I also might have fibromyalgia.... or at the very least something that is it's equivalent in many ways.......and I'm NOT in my friggin' 20's anymore and full of piss and vinegar. This time, I wasn't being asked to hold up a ceiling, as a matter of fact, I wasn't being "asked" to do anything, I just said "oh we can do this" and proceeded to prove to myself just what a harveydumbshit I can be sometimes.

Sis Pammie and I went for groceries today, and made a pit-stop at Home Depot to pick up ( oh yes, we'll just 'pick it up' too..... freakin' A...) a huge white cupboard ensemble for her kitchen. Yes, it's a beauty too ~~ about a million feet high, half a mile wide, and weighs, we found out, about 3 gazillion pounds. The nice young and manly man employee tossed (well okay not really 'tossed') the thing into a cart for us, and once we got it rolled out to Pam's car and had to get it into her trunk, that's when we had to manhandle it for the first time. She has a car where the backseat folds down flat, so we had to push this mile-long box into her trunk and through to the backseat. Right. This is the point where Pam's finger got smashed, crushing her ring, right into her finger I might add.....causing her gazoodles of pain. Her ring is now broken and bent, which will have to be fixed ~~ and thank God her FINGER isn't broken and bent, but it's badly gouged from the ring, swollen, bruised, and very very sore. Poor Pammie!

Okay so you'd THINK we'd get the picture by this point, but NUH-UH.... once we get it home and park on the street, now we have to carry this monstrosity into the house!! OH SHIT YEAH, WE CAN DO THIS! Uh huh........... let's just say that we managed, got it into the front door, and then Pammie just pushed the sucker down her stairs......... we're hoping upon hope that nothing is broken now, because that 10-ton cupboard is here to stay I'm afraid. OY. So now we're both aching and I tell you, I am going to be paying for this big time!!!! (so is she) I made a vow, with her as my witness, that from now on, I will absolutely refuse to carry or push or manhandle anything for the rest of my life, that is more than the weight of say.......a frozen turkey. Done deal.

The good part is, this cupboard is gonna look snazzy in her kitchen, and she needs the storage badly as it's not a huge kitchen and being the cook that she is, she has lots of cooking "things". Now she's going to put the thing together tonight, and that will make matters worse for her as she's already sore ~ and will be probably screwing screws until the cows come home. Does Home Depot deliver????? PROBABLY! Geez! (<--- um, that'd be us....heh heh)

Well the long weekend has come to an end, sadly. But at least there's one day less to work this week, so that's a blessing. My next long weekend won't be until May long weekend now ~ I think that's about 13 weeks away or something..... but at least we GET them, LOL. I hope you all had a great weekend, I did. I must have spent about 2 hours last night with my NooYawk Sista Janna on Instant Messenger, it is always lovely to connect with that beautiful (inside and out) lady! Love you Janna! All in all it was nice to get some relaxing and fun stuff in.

Well dudes and chicks I think I'm going to go find something to eat, and wind down for the night. That's AFTER I take a bottle of Ibuprofin for the aches....... LOL I should go down and see how Pammie is doing too, I'm sure neither one of us is going to be moving around very quickly tomorrow. Have a good Tuesday, take care of each other! ~~PEACE~~

Love Jude

"For Sagittarians, the upcoming moon phase in your rising sign is going to be a hoot. If you don't already have a stash of Preparation H in your bathroom, get to a store fast, and while you're at it buy one of those donut pillows. For Taurus, your love life will peak in the next few days, but talk about bad timing if your lover is one of those poor Sagittarians! With Mercury on the rise again, all signs should strip naked and buy air conditioners. All people born on this date are jailbirds and sumo wrestlers."

Sunday, February 20, 2005



"Long weekends, I adore you
You are my friend indeed
Afternoon naps and resting
You give when I'm in need"

Well whatever..... a poem it really ain't, but you get the picture. I LOVE long weekends, where I have just that one extra day to laze, to nap, to read, to .......... do diddlysquat!! And today is just exactly one of those days. I had a nice sleep last night, got up and did nothing much, went back for a simply lovely afternoon nap, and now I'm just enjoying the rest of the afternoon. I did some baking and now I'm going to sit on my bunyakas and read my Sunday paper. Aaahhhhhh this is the life....... .

So off we went yesterday, Pammie and I, and we had a fun time at the flea market. Neither one of actually found anything there that we wanted, but we also hit 2 thrift stores on the way home, and an antique shop. Pammie got a crystal pickle dish at the antique shop, and I got my teacups and saucers at a thrift store ~~ a lovely little set of white cups and saucers. Tea leaf reading, anyone? Oh yes, and I also got another bagful of paperbacks to read. I read every single night in bed, that's what puts me to sleep ~ so I run out of books rather quickly. I just read The Thornbirds, a great story that's been around awhile now. I saw the mini-series (starring Richard Chamberlain ~ anyone remember him?) waaaaay back when it first came out. I couldn't even remember much of the story it had been so long ago, so I really enjoyed the book. Anyway I pick up books in the stores, read the back cover and decide if it sounds good. If it does, I get it. But you know what I hate? I get them home and I open one to start reading it, and lo and behold if it ain't one in a SERIES. Well....... I refuse to read a book that's in the middle of a damn series..... I want the entire set first. LOL So now that has just happened recently to me with 2 books, so I'll have to go searching for the rest of the 2 series. Oh well, I still have plenty more to read, thankfully.

Lots of birthdays coming up...... hubby has his this coming Wednesday, the old fart ~ ~ he'll be 2 yrs. older than me for a couple of months, lol. My friend Leona on Feb. 27, then my Aussie friend Danni on March 7, sis Pammie's doggie Bugs on March 10, my friend Roxy on March 11, Pammie's on March 16. Holy crap, a whole WHACK of them! The two busiest birthday months of the year for me are February and March. Then mine is in April ~ yes, I'm a BULL! **snort!**

Well peeps I'm off to enjoy my Sunday paper, perhaps I'll see if there's any good movies on TV after that. Enjoy your weekends too everyone ~ PEACE!

Love Jude

"For those of you with sun signs in Mars, the next 2 weeks could be blissful. Especially if you have a preference for frisky little green men. If you are a Taurus who is out of work, don't look now but everyone is saying nasty things about you. Better move somewhere where prospective employers don't know about you. Leos with "outsy" belly buttons are lucky this week, but those with "insy" belly buttons will notice their waistlines are snugger ~~ time to lay off those Krispy Kremes or you'll be digging lint out of those ever-deepening navels till the cows come home. Those kinky Scorpios, however, find that a fascinating bit of foreplay, so if you chubby Leos have Scorpio lovers, eat all you want and knock yourselves out in the bedroom. All signs this week are susceptible to leg cramps and shark bites. People born on this date: famous author of "Rusty Bedsprings", Mr. I.P. Nightly, and the famous sex-change surgeon who invented the Addacocktomy, Dr. Seymour Dick."

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Ever do stuff that when you realize you did it, you just look at yourself in the mirror and shake your head at yourself? I went to bed last night forgetting to wash my makeup off, and woke up this morning looking like a racoon, lol. I don't wear much makeup, some eye makeup and blush, lipstick....... anyway the lipstick had long since worn off by the time I went to bed, but not the mascara! So it was down under my eyes and I truly looked like somebody needing to head off to emergency, lol. Usually once I get home I'm itching to scrub my face clean......but for some reason last night it wasn't bugging me and I just forgot all about it. And that's not a good thing with skin my age. Let's just say, I'm at that "I don't give a shit anymore" age, where I feel like I can speak my mind more and not be the mousy little thing I sometimes used to be. Heh Heh..... I'm kinda enjoying that, actually. And if you don't like it ~~ EAT MY SHORTS! See? Like me so far? Anyway I digress.........I was talking about my remaining few mentalpausal brain cells wasn't I. Wasn't I???? LOL

So sister Pammie and I are heading out this afteroon to a big flea market. It's in a humongous building and is open on weekends. Normally both of us (me from being just old, lol......and her from fibromyalgia) are just too tired to do that AND get out weekends for groceries, so when we have a long weekend, we generally try to get to the flea market. I'm not looking for anything in particular, perhaps some teacups and saucers, seeing as my old stoneware ones are history and the new melamine set didn't come with them. I don't normally use them, I like my tea in a MANLY MUG.......LOL But I like to have a few on hand for when I do teacup readings. So I'll look for something inexpensive, perhaps in Corelle as they are so lightweight. We're always on the lookout for Corning Ware "Cornflower" pattern stuff for Pammie, as she collects it. So anytime we see something that's a different piece than she has (and she has lots now) she considers getting it as long as the price is okay and the piece is in good shape. Now I will also tell you that "if the price is right" means: that it is not over priced, and also that Pammie isn't the sort that can "haggle" over prices, whereas I AM. heh heh See? I never used to be until I hit the "I don't give a shit anymore" age. So if she likes something, I'll pick it up and haggle the price for her. Aren't I a good big sis??? I think I've helped her save a few bucks here and there and that's good, because she's the one who drives, so she pays for the gas and I get free rides! **thanks Pammie ~ smoochies and hugs**

So I put in my two hours at the office yesterday morning ~ of course Fridays are always a day off for me (I work Mon.-Wed.) but I had to go in to do the bank deposit as the other two ladies who know how to do it were off. Anyway, it's something that I'm fairly new at, I know how to do it well enough, however where I run into problems is when it doesn't balance (not often) and knowing how to fix it! So I get in there, and lo and behold there are notes everywhere!! Problems with our Moneris (interac) machines the day before, OY. Plus there was a slight problem with the cashroom deposit (for the Insurance Agency) which we figured out with the help of the Ins. manager. (he basically said yes, fix it like we thought we should) Long story short, I was proud of myself for figuring everything out and STILL got it done in 2 hours! So I was outta there at 11 a.m. and went home to bed for a nap. (I only got 3 hrs. sleep the night before) Out of all the many things I do in the cashroom, doing this deposit will be the only thing that I still do when we move and my job changes. (yes....I'm still mourning that one...)

Well I'm off to my vanity table to apply some warpaint and get dressed to go out flea market shopping. For any of you on a long weekend, have a good long weekend! For the rest of you, have a good normal weekend! LOL May the wind always be at your back, the sunshine on your face, and may PEACE be yours ~~~ until next time,

Love Jude

"With Saturn aligning with the stars in Orion this week, all signs should buy an expensive car. Watch for falling debris from above if you are a Cancer or Virgo. Maybe it's just dandruff from that cheap shampoo you use. Because Libra is sitting in the cusp of Venus right now, this is a good time for all signs to ignore Libras. They are far too highly opinionated and stuck-up anyway, and it would be fun to watch them squirm. If you are thinking of partying tonight and you are a Taurus, keep the imbibing to a minumum, as everyone knows you get far too promiscuous with a drop of vino in you. Have some restraint for a change, geez. All babies born on this day will have blue hair. No. Eyes."

Thursday, February 17, 2005


I thought maybe tonight I'd share another story about.....well, what the title says. As I said in another similar post, there have been many, many incidents but the most profound ones involved my late husband, mostly within the first handful of months of his passing. I'd also like to reiterate that although I will always love him and miss him, this is not a post about tears and heartbreak, as it is almost 10 years ago now, and I've moved through that awful pain, healed and grown, and have built a new life, with a new hubby, around all of the love that continues to be felt from the Other Side. This is, in fact, a sharing of the kind of connections that we all have with our deceased loved ones, if only we are aware of them and take notice...........

Let's see, I'll try to keep these in chronological order, just to make it easier. He passed away on a Tuesday morning at home. For obvious reasons, I stayed home from work that week, and the week following. I could have stayed at home for as long as I needed, my employer had lost his wife 3 years before that, and he was in total understanding. The first week was spent in total shock, grief, and funeral. The second week, I deliberately spent the time alone at home, going through everything, crying a lot and making sure that I would get no surprises later ~ meaning, I listened to every single "favourite" song of ours, and I went through every article of his clothing, all his papers, etc. etc......... so that I could feel the emotions the first time then, and not keep stumbling across things later and going through the "first" horrible time of seeing them then. Okay, you get the idea. THAT'S what the second week was all about. One of those days, I was sitting at the table in the kitchen, the sun was streaming in, and I was alone, with just our dog Boo laying on the floor beside me. There were still a ton of funeral flowers around the house, and on the table about a foot away from me, was a basket with several plantings in it, which someone had given me instead of flowers. I liked that, it was a living thing, it wouldn't up and die on me too, like all the flowers do so quickly. The plant in the basket closest to me was one of those thick leaved, plump jade plants. I was sitting staring off into space, but in reality looking right at this plant. I was crying, and feeling the loss of my soul-mate very deeply. Suddenly I could "feel" him around me, almost as if he was right there beside me. At that instant, the plant moved, and I could actually hear it ~ it was just like someone flicking their fingers at it, causing it to flicker. I was staring right at it, and I knew in my heart he was there with me, trying to comfort me. Of course, it helped.

About two weeks later ~~ my second week back at work. I had opted to go back rather than sit at home continually. My boss was great, he said "if you want to come back that's fine, but if you need to leave at any time just go". So that's how I did it. I'd be there for a couple hours, a half a day, whatever....... until I just needed to go home. One of those days, I came home from work, and just as I was putting my key in the front door, I was overwhelmed with the lonliness of my home without him in it. I went inside, let Boo out, and then went into the bedroom to change out of my clothes. Boo, who was really my husband's dog, and they were SO close ~ was laying on the floor just watching me undress. (probably wanting me to hurry up and get him his dinner, lol) I was overcome again, and started to feel a good bawl coming on. At that moment, the nightstand drawer on his side of the bed opened, and closed. Just like that! Boo and I BOTH looked straight at it, knowing that's what we heard. I knew then that he was once again comforting me by showing me I wasn't alone, nor would he ever really be 'gone'.

Two more times during the next several weeks, I'd be sitting in my favourite chair, crying (I did that a LOT for about a year) and missing him. I had an empty box (that held a game of some kind) sitting a couple of inches from my chair, and propped up against the wall. The box suddenly moved, and hit the wall again. Always, I could feel him around when these things happened. It's as if he always made sure to let me know he was there first, so that whatever he did, I'd know it was him. And every single time, it always made me feel less alone and so very loved.

About 6 weeks or so after he passed away, I went for my very first ever "reading" by a psychic. His name was Alex (sadly he has passed now too) and he was SO gifted! He was a very gentle, soft spoken man, (and my third gay male aquaintance), he was as gentle outwardly as his soul was inside. I loved that man and gave him fierce hugs of thanks each time I left him after a reading, because he always read whoever came through (mostly my husband) to a "tee"!

So........the first reading. (Before I get to that, please allow me to explain something. A few weeks before, I had furnace problems and had to have the motor fixed, and I also purchased an expensive filter for it. One that doesn't ever have to be replaced, as long as you vacuum it off once every 4 weeks or so. My biggest problem was that when you are grieving, it's really hard to concentrate on anything, and you virtually don't have a memory at all for awhile. So to remember to vaccum this furnace filter every 4 weeks was worrying me, and I didn't want to forget about it for 6 months and ruin the expensive thing!!) Okay, on to the reading. I sat in this reading for about an hour and a half........ it was so full of information and comfort and I felt so much more at peace than I had since it all happened. At the very end of the reading, Alex turned off the recorder (he always taped the sessions and gave us the tapes) and we sat back and just chatted for a few minutes before I paid him and left. He was still getting my husband coming through, as he hadn't "left" yet. Alex asked me if my husband had a really wonderful sense of humour, to which I replied in the positive. He then said "I was wondering, because I could feel that from him the whole time, but right now he keeps saying something that sounds so funny it's almost weird. He keeps wanting me to tell you not to forget to vacuum the furnace!"

I had known just from my own beliefs and the feeling in my heart, that there is life and love continuing on the Other Side. And I've always known that there are good mediums out there (you just have to find the right ones) who give readings to people, and that so much help is given with them. Throughout that first reading with Alex, I knew without a doubt that my late husband was there, as well as all the others that came through to help. But when Alex said that about the furnace.........I never believed in anything in my life as much as I believed that those on the Other Side really can come through and talk to us, and send us their love and support ~ as well as guidance, humour, and healing.

I have since gone on to become involved in some of that work, and it is for me, at the very least, "giving back" what I was receiving in my time of need for comfort and healing. It is also a huge honour to be able to work with those "in spirit". It's some of the most loving and warm moments in my busy life, when I connect with the Other Side. And though some of you may or may not believe, for me it is also some of the moments when I feel closest to God.

Loving relationships, love connections ~ they never ever cease just because one is here and the other is "there". So for any of you who have lost loved ones, please take this to heart and know that they are always with you and around you.

And now, I guess it's that time again, time to turn the keyboard over to the old mystical hippie chick! "She" is the flip side of the coin, as she is only having fun, lol. Have a great Friday everyone, and PEACE be yours!

Love Jude

"Fortunately for Leos, your sun sign is now waning over the next 48 hours. This means that you no longer will have that pesky flatulence problem, and can stop wearing too much cologne as a cover-up. Maybe you'll even win some friends back. Aries who are single, will stay that way as the moon moves into Aries, and also because everyone knows you are lousy lovers anyway. Unless you go after one of those unfortunate Leos who just farted away their love lives and are desparate. All signs should wake up little Suzie, or you'll be in trouble deep. People born on this date are all drama queens and shit disturbers."

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My OLD Toys.......

Okay I couldn't help myself, I decided to post a pic of my old dishes too. They're nice enough, but SO DAMN HEAVY. (stoneware) And like I said, I had almost my whole house in pink and blue for years, such an 80's thing for me ~ and I just need a change. But first and foremost, I needed something lighter in weight in the way of dishes. I mean, we are forever hauling them in and out of the cupboards right?

So there they are. Not sure whether or not I'll keep them for "good" dishes. We'll see! In the meantime and in-between time, how was everybody's Hump Day?? I hope everyone had a good one. Mine was busy at work, but a really good day. And of course, I'm always doing that breath of relief on Wednesday evening, my "Friday" evening, as it were. So I'm kicking back and enjoying my time tonight. I'm looking over Madame Gypsy Judles' shoulder to see what she has in store for us tonight too.......hmmmm... so far all I can hear from her are things like "ooga booga", "ohm"...... and "abracadabra". And she's singing some song that goes "I'll put a SPELL on you....." Not sounding too good there, G.J., perhaps you should get out your crystal ball and your charts???

Well chicks and dudes, I think that's it for me tonight ~~ I'll turn the keyboard over to the mystical hippie chick and wish you all a great Thursday. PEACE TO YOU!

Love Jude

"Anyone with a moon cusp on their birthday this week should keep away from pets and small children, as you will tend to be cruel and spiteful. If any of these people are also Sagittarians, you will no doubt be locked up in the Big Rubber Room if you get out of bed that day. Just call in sick, stay in bed and feel better by reading a book on S&M techniques. (everyone knows you guys love that stuff. Eeww.) Venus is moving into a rising cusp tonight, so all signs will be feeling amorous. Especially those damn horny Scorpios. (yes, YOU.) If you happen to live with one of them, you better get out while you can if you want to be able to walk tomorrow."

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


This is my new kitchen stuff that I just bought ~ here's the colourful melamine pattern I got, and I took a pic of the sandwich plate cuz of it's cool shape (not round). There is another pattern that I got as well, to mix and match, and it's white with much the same colours in it. And also here is the rooster/sunflower burner covers I bought too.

Pretty huh? lol Well, I sure like them better than the old dishes, white with pink and blue flowery stuff. Nice, but I'm tired as hell of pink and blue in my house! These are the colours that most suit me, warm autumny colours!

One of my good friends, Denise, is off this weekend to the Caribbean to get married! I can't for the life of me remember what the name of the place is, but it's HOT, to be sure. Anyway this lady is such a sweetheart (well, all my friends are really!) and her new hubby is the same. He treats her like a queen, and after all she's been through, she sure deserves this kind of happiness! Have a lovely, memorable time Denise and Carm!!! Aaahhhh, true love and weddings! Now if the world would just accept the same wonderful thing for gay couples....... I hope it comes to pass everywhere one of these days! Like I have said before, love is love, and God created us the way we are.

Hubby went out and did some shopping of his own the other day, and he's just finished going around the house switching all the light bulbs for new "mini spiral" flourescent bulbs. They save big time on energy apparently, and I don't know about everyone else, but here in Alberta, our utility bills hit a ridiculous high a couple years ago. So I'll take the savings wherever the frig I can!! Good on ya, hubby! Oh yeah and sister Pammie has her blog going again (well I mean she's posting again, lol) so that means more fun for me ~ I can go over there and terrorize her again! (just kidding, she's my baby sis and I'd never do anything to make her mad at me, she'd be liable to return the favour and come upstairs and pee on MY sofa!!)

Well peeps that's about it for me tonight ~ have a great Hump Day tomorrow, and take care of each other! Nighty-night!
Love Jude

"With the sun signs being in a Pluto phase this week, all Gemini's should buy a dog. Virgo women will have bad cramps, and Virgo males will have sympathy pains. Now you'll see how it feels. For the rest of the month, Taurus and Aquarius will be disappointed in love. It is an excellent time to move into nunneries and monasteries, or to join the church choir to sing what's left of your heart out. For those Aries who are childless, you will be totally bald by next Tuesday. All people born today will become jockeys or weiner salesmen."

Monday, February 14, 2005


Okay I know it's still only the middle of February...... but we've had it so darn good for awhile now and when it suddenly got colder and started SNOWING again today ~~ I got darn crabby about it! Well not really, but hey we got spoiled, ya know? Oh well I'm a hardy Canuk so I shouldn't complain ~ besides in another month spring will be almost on our doorstep.

I'm happy cuz my friend Debs is FINALLY back from her trip to Arizona to visit her sis. I've missed our I.M. chats and we just connected again tonight for the first time. I missed ya Debs!!

So yet another Monday under our belts? I hope you all had a decent one, I know often Mondays aren't much fun in the work world, lol. Mine was busy but a good day. I have to train a girl in my cashroom for backup (for relief for my breaks) tomorrow morning again, and she only gets to train with me once a week on Tuesdays. So I have to try to remember not to do what I did the last Tuesday...... I forgot she was coming in with me and I had almost everything done before she got there, lol. I HAVE NO MEMORY ANYMORE! So I think it would behoove me to write myself a note for the morning, now that I'm thinking about it......

I'm about to go tuck my hubby in, and probably follow him to bed in
the next hour or so myself. I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day today ~~ love and peace to all of you!


"With Jupiter waning in the moon's cusp tonight, Cancers should be happy to note that health problems start to clear up. On the other hand, Aries will be susceptible to bowel problems, so if you sleep with an Aries, find another bed, or wear a clothespin on your nose. With a new moon on the horizon, all signs should beware of eye problems. Wear sunglasses at night. All people born on this date are proctologists who bite their nails. EWW...."